Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We win! Well maybe not....

Sunday's challenge was a weird one. Some Maple Hill guys showed up late and there was talk of a forfeit, then not a forfeit, and then some of our guys left after round one leaving us without enough players, blah blah blah, so I think in the end we decided to count it as a real match. In that case, we lost.

Anyway, the first round was filled with some great competition. From what I hear, Hillfolk Donnie Discgolf made a great comeback bid against Maple Hiller Pete T but lost in a playoff (I think). Arty G and Andy G went up against Shaun L and Steve D from MH and both of those matches went into overtime. Unfortunately, some putts didn't fall for the good guys and MH took those matches, but Devens is definitely showing the league that we've got some skills.

The lone bright spot for us was Gags beating his ghost opponent (you go, boy!) and me beating Cuzz after 15 holes.

Round two was another story as people started to drag ass. It's pretty tiring playing the Hill on a nice Fall day, but add in a foot of snow and a few searches for lost discs and you get tired fast. We got spanked in doubles play.

Round 1
  • Dodge (MH) over Gallerani (D)
  • Borelli (D) over Cuzz (MH)
  • Gags (D) over ghost (MH)
  • LaForce (MH) over Arty (D)
  • Tolvanen (MH) over Donnie (D)
  • Hoey (MH) over Luke (D)
Round 2
  • Dodge (MH) over Gallerani (D)
  • LaForce/Cuzz (MH) over Borelli (D)
  • Hoey/Tolvanen (MH) over Luke/Gags (D)

Hole 9 Ace!
Congratulations to Shaun LaForce for aceing hole 9 during our doubles match! It was a beauty to watch. Shaun throws lefty but took the anhyzer route to the basket (he threw to the right of the trees in the middle and it curved in the basket). It just floated down the hill and crashed gently into the chains. It was awesome to see, even though it meant I lost that hole to him and Cuzz! Nice going Shaun!

That is the second ace on that hole this month, as well as the second-ever ace on that hole. Hole 9 is finally heating up! When I designed that hole, I was positive that it would be aced early and often. Nope.

March Challenge
Next up is team Burgess from Burgess Park down on the Cape on March 9. Many of us have not played this course, so we look forward to making the trip. We hope to maintain our perfect goose egg of a record against this top-rated team. :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hill vs Hill

We play host to Maple Hill this Sunday morning in another NEFA Challenge. We should have a good turnout this time and look forward to playing with the boys from Leicester. We are big underdogs again, but look forward to stealing a point or two anyway.

Another Ice Bowl this Saturday
There's bound to be a few tired golfers for both teams, since some of us are also playing at Franchi's Ice Bowl out at Flatrock in Athol, MA on Saturday. You should play too. $20 and 5 cans of food. Franchi's course is a beauty and his events are always a great time.
Directions to Flatrock: Rt 2 to exit 17, right off ramp, 1/2 mile to right onto Woodlawn. Follow to end and take hard left onto NewSherborn, take 3rd right onto Monson Turnpike, then 1st right onto Flatrock Rd. Course is 1/4 mile on left. Be there by 8:45.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One last ICO article

Here's another article from the Nashoba Pub weekly papers (Ayer, Pepperell, Groton, Harvard, Townsend, Shirley). Thanks for coming out, Katrina!

Rob Walker gets his picture in the paper again, plus some nice quotes from Bobka, Strauss, and TM.

See two more photos here.

L&F says thanks

Judy Grande sent this thank you letter in to the local papers. (link)

Thanks to Ice Bowl golfers!

The board of trustees, staff and clients of Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry (the largest food pantry in North-Central Massachusetts) would like to thank Dave James and all of the participants in Devens Disc Golf's first Ice Cube Open Ice Bowl.

Held on Feb. 2, the tournament players braved the elements on a very windy day and not only played, but also raised over $300 in contributions and a truckload of food for Loaves & Fishes. We are very grateful for their ongoing support and admire their fortitude in playing the game, too.


Acting executive director,
Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry Inc.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A few things for you to stare at on Sat.

Stop by course-sponsor Gervais Auto in Lowell this Saturday Feb. 16 from 12-2pm to stare at the Celtics' 1981 Championship trophy and also meet a couple of Boston Celtics dancers.

Free hotdogs and hamburgers will be available. Dates with the dancers, well probably not. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The final tally

It took a week, but I finally tallied up all our donations. We collected a lot more cash than I had thought!

Last night, I dropped off 207 food items and a check for $320 to the Loaves and Fishes!

That's pretty awesome for only 18 golfers! Mullys, donated prize winnings, and random donations brought in about $140.

We got this email the other day from Judy at the L&F:
Thank you so much for inviting me to come to the Disc Golf Tourney to collect the food and donations for Loaves & Fishes. The article about your group in the Lowell Sun was great.

Please accept my thanks for all you've done for Loaves & Fishes. I will get a letter out to the local newspapers today acknowledging your gifts.

Best wishes to all you hardy souls. And thanks for the donut, too.

Judy Grande
Acting Executive Director
Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry
No problem, Judy. See you all next year!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Another 15 minutes of fame for our local disc golfers

Thanks for another great article, Jennifer! Her write-up was the featured article in Sunday's Local section of the Lowell Sun and included a big group photo of Brian, Pete, Donnie, and Luke, plus another shot of Donnie driving. There's also another photo of Brian putting on the inside page.
Feel free to send a quick email to Jennifer and thank her for her continued support and coverage of our little course on the Hill.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ice Cube "Slush Bowl" results

Thanks for coming out today, everyone. We had 19 golfers, a buttload of donated food, and a good chunk of change donated as well. Thanks for your generosity, kind words, and good golf!

Dave James overcame a one-stroke deficit to take the AM1 title by two strokes, while Tushar Patel squeaked by Joe Atwood to take AM2. Great job guys.

More pix, CTP winners, and totals tomorrow. Now it's time to wring out my socks and take a hot shower.

2008 Ice Cube Open Ice Bowl Champs: Tushar and Dave

AM1 results

AM2 results

Let's go Pats!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Donnie D gets a head start!

Just got this photo from Donnie Disc Golf and had to share. Looks like he had a food drive at his work and collected over 75 items! Awesome! What a great idea!

Hmm, that's 25 free mullys plus the two that he already bought. Uh oh, I hope he doesn't need to use them all ! :-)

Thanks Donnie and friends!

Food for Mullys

Remember, you get 1 free mully for every 3 cans of food you donate on Sat. No lima beans though!

Loaves and Fishes is also in need of non-food items. Here are some ideas:

Most Needed Items
  • Juice
  • Jelly
  • Coffee
  • Baked
  • Beans
  • Cereal
  • Paper Towels
  • Hand Soap
  • Paper & Plastic Bags
  • Diapers (sizes 5&6)
  • Shampoo
General Needs

  • Canned Meats
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Cake Mix & Frosting
  • Dry Potatoes & Helpers
  • Baked Beans
  • Bath Soap