Friday, April 22, 2011

Hill Yeah!

Check out this great going-away present Jim Bobka made for Marcy. Hill Yeah!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally, an ace on 18!

Alan "Four Loko" MacLean aced hole 18 last night during league! Crazy. Here's how it happened in his words:
"Thanks. I RHBH'd my beat, beat DX Beast. Hyzer flipped the crap out of it. Over the ridge it was falling hard on it's right edge and at the rate it was falling it was looking like it would land early. When we walked over the ridge it was there. No one was around to tell how it hit. I wanted to know if it was a pure (unlikely), a bounce, or some crazy skip. Looking at the edge of the disc, there's a pretty big gash so I'm thinking I got a bounce off a rock right before the basket.

I'm so glad to finally get #2 under the belt. Some dismissed my other (#1 @ Pelham) because it was open, short, and so RHBH friendly. This one should be harder to dismiss... especially for a righty who can't flick. :) "

Monday, April 18, 2011

King of the Hill3 wrap-up

Well, that's another successful King of the Hill in the books. And if this does turn out to be the last one we run, what a way to go out. We had 3 aces yesterday! John Hart and Andy Allen hit hole 9 (Andy's first-ever ace) and Billy Dunne hit hole 2. There were also two deuces on hole 18. Wow!

It felt more like November than April out there with the wind and chilly temps, but at least the rain stayed away, right? Our streak continues

Good and Bad
I saw one golfer suffer two of the most evil roll-aways I've ever seen at Devens. No, it wasn't on hole 18, but 4 surprisingly. The poor guy went from a 3 to a 7, but kept on smiling. :)

Counteracting that badness, I saw another golfer throw a horrible drive off hole 16 that flipped early into the woods on the left but then somehow fought its way through the woods, caught an edge and rolled all the way down to within 10 ft of the basket. Crazy.

We had two golfers simply walk off the course and not finish Rd 2. Didn't even tell us they were leaving. I don't understand that...

Thank you sponsors!
Thank you to our event sponsors and hole sponsors. You're generosity helped us keep entry fees low and provide another great players pack including a custom Z-plastic disc, hat, shirt, stickers, reusable scorecard, and King size candy bar.

Volunteers kicks ass!
Thank you Sue Phillips (3x volunteer), John Rodenhizer, Jarod Carr, Patrick Johnson, and Joe Collins. You guys definitely made this the smoothest running KOH yet! Thank you Sam Misuraca and Tony Bennett for prepping the course this week. The fairways and putting greens have never looked better!

Lots of prizes were given away. Roger Gagnon was the big prize winner this year, taking home several. Here's who else won stuff:

Mini Long Distance
  1. Roger Gagnon - 250 ft
  2. Billy Dunne - 225 ft

Vibram Trek Prototype Flip-Off
  1. Ken Gary
  2. Andy Duquette

Charlie Sheen CTP Throw-off
  1. Travis Reed
  2. Roger Gagnon
  3. Frank Strauss
  4. Nyles Johnson

Other prizes
  • CTT - Josh Connell
  • Sponsor Raffle - Pete Nevius
  • Volunteer Award - Jarod Carr

  • Paul Rashaw
  • Tim Seiger (2)
  • John Hart
  • Tim Dyer
  • Pete Charron
  • Brittainy Brougham (2)
  • Shaun LaForce
  • Dan Goderre (2)
  • Matt Grayum
  • Jason Johnson
  • Chuck Gerbrands
  • Brad Harris
  • Frank Strauss
  • Ken Gary
  • Roger Gagnon
  • Shaun LaForce
  • Andy Duquette

That's about it. Hope everyone had fun and thanks for coming to the event. Let us know if we could have done anything different and better. We're always trying to improve. Thanks!

Click below for over 170 photos.

King of the Hill 3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dunne repeats!

Billy Dunne won Pro Open for the second year in a row whiile local Luke Adolph won his first AM1 title. Congrats to all and more stories and photos later. Until then, here are the results.

Click to enlarge.

KOH update

AM1 Luke Adolph leads all golfers with a smoking 53.

Alex G, Derek B, and Jason J are in pursuit.

Luke starts rd 2 with a great deuce on 15.


Got our first ace of the tourney! John Hart hits hole 9!

Alex Gula hit chains right before and John said, "This is how you do it" and then did it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rd 1 cards posted

Are you guys ready?!!

Here are the groupings for round 1. Some people may be moved around, so double-check after the players meeting.
  • We will be leafblowing a few fairways on Friday starting at 9:00 if you'd like to earn some pre-tourney good karma.
  • Those on the waitlist will get an email if you somehow make it in. If you are on the list, you might want to come during check-in on Saturday to see if there are any no shows.

Long live the King!

Click the photo for a larger version.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few changes for the better I think you'll like

I worked on the course today with my team of squirrels and hawks. It was great being out there again, bow saw in hand, cutting, cleaning, and making a few overall improvements.

I built a low-tech, low wall behind basket 18 to help with rollaways (or possibly launch them up and over). Time will tell if this is a good thing.

Will this basic wall help stop your rollaway?

I also cut probably the most controversial tree on the course off the teepad on hole 7. Will the illusion of extra space make you throw a better shot? Again, time will tell.

What's missing from this picture?

I'd also like to thank whoever cleaned up the putting green on hole 16! It looks impressive, especially from the top of the hill. I really appreciate your help, Mr. Mystery Groundskeeper.

Hole 16's new look!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Could this be the last KOH?

It's official! Devens' own Queen of the Hill (and King of the Hill tournament director), Marcy Borelli, is off to GA to be the new office manager for the PDGA at the International Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

Yahooo! What's to become of the King of the Hill? Could this be the last one ever? Aren't you glad you registered for it?  :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One week to go - Course closed Sat. April 16

Just one week to go until the King of the Hill! If we have a day half as nice as yesterday or today, it's going to be great.

Player's packs have been finalized and man, are we setting you AMs up. How's a bag stuffed with over $45 worth of merchandise sound? Not bad for a $15 entry fee, eh? Pros will even get a little something too.

Join us for league this Wednesday at 5:00 for your last chance at a competitive round before Saturday. Until then, practice your putting and pray to the Tree Gods.

Reminder: The course will be closed all day Saturday, April 16 for the tournament.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Less than 2 weeks until King of the Hill!

Are you ready to be crowned King of the Hill? Well, you've got less than two weeks to prepare your victory speech, so get with it!

As a reminder, the course will be closed all day on Saturday, April 16 for our tournament.