Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feel like this

Feel like this when you win Speed on Sat. Oct 18. What's that, you haven't entered yet? Hurry up!

Speed will be holes 13, 14, temp 15 to 9, and hole 10. That's 4 holes up and down the Hill. No problem!

All Ace Race entries must be in by this Sunday, Oct. 5. Email me if you want in now!

Monday, September 29, 2008

One week left

Only one week left to register for the Ace Race. Get your info in now or miss the boat!

Dave J has donated a new bag for the best-finishing player who doesn't already have a bag. Thanks Dave!

Marcy is donating one-of-a-kind custom-designed prizes for Dubs and Speed, plus a special prize for the Ace Race champ. Hill Yeah!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ace Race regs trickling in

Ok, time is getting short to register for the Ace Race. Less than 10 days left to get me your info. Only a handful of player packs will be available on the day of, so don't risk not getting the chance to play for a new bag and 10 new discs!

Clarification: We throw from VERY short tees, not the ones that you usually throw from. So you have a chance at an ace or a "hit" even if you are a new player. Don't think you have no chance because you do!

Send your name and $25 by Oct 5 to:
  • John Borelli
    Devens Disc Golf
    40 Cranberry St
    Pepperell, MA 01463
Or email me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Overhead Shot Techniques

With the season drawing to a close in a couple of months here in New England, it's time to start thinking about what you want to learn in the off-season. For me, it's the Thumber and Tomahawk.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tee for 14, poop on a stick, get a rope

We have our first official tee box on hole 14, thanks to Ken G. I saw it this morning and man does it look nice. All it needs is some backfill and it'll be good to go.

Unfortunately, some loser has stolen the rope we had on hole 16. I mean really, what's the point? Ugh.

Poop on a stick, er... log
Found this on the log across hole 2's fairway. Not that's talent!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ace Race | Doubles | Speed -- Oct 18

Devens Ace RaceIt's Ace Race time again at the Hill! This year we are adding a 4-hole speed round option to this fun day of golf. Ace Race in the morning, then a round of doubles, and finally a speed round.

How much of the Hill can you handle?!

Play one, two, or all three events. Each event has it's own entry fee.

Ace Race
  • Sat. Oct. 18, probably 10AM
  • $25 (includes 2 prototype Discraft discs, a mini, and a hat)
  • Throw once from each short Ace tee and record metal hits and aces. After two rounds, the player with most 'points' wins and gets a new bag filled with shiny new Discraft discs.
  • We will throw both rounds at the same time to make it go quicker.
  • Registration has closed for the Ace Race

  • About 12:30, after lunch
  • $5 per person, one round best disc
  • Bring your own partner or find one there
  • Pro, AM1, AM2, Rec, Mixed (Experienced player and a newbie or junior)
  • Registration deadline is Oct. 18, noon

  • About 3:30
  • $5 per person
  • Complete 4 holes in the fastest time. Time penalty for every stroke over par.
  • One division
  • Registration deadline is Oct. 18, noon
It'll be a fun, low-frills, low-cost day of disc golf in beautiful October. If you haven't been to Devens yet, here's your chance to check us out. Join us!

Send name, events entered, division, and check to:

Devens Disc Golf
c/o John Borelli
40 Cranberry St
Pepperell, MA 01463
Questions? Email John.

Ace Race
  • John Borelli
  • Dave James
  • Kari James
  • Karly James
  • Brian McNulty
  • Ken Gary
  • Donnie Phillips
  • Pete Nevius
  • TM Dyer
  • Todd Canuel
  • Luke Adolph
  • John Rodenhizer
  • Jim Bobka
  • Shawn Dionne
  • Rob Walker
  • Joe Atwood
  • Mindy Atwood
  • Zane Atwood
  • Kindred Atwood
  • Tim Seiger
  • Paul Lyman
  • Steve Legare
  • Mark Rooney

  • John Borelli and Dave James
  • Ken Gary and Donnie Phillips
  • TM Dyer and Todd Canuel
  • John Rodenhizer and Pete Nevius
  • Jim Bobka and Shawn Dionne
  • Rob Walker and Chris Gagne $
  • Joe and Mindy Atwood $
  • Zane and Kindred Atwood $
  • Tim Seiger and and Doug Orleans $
  • Brian McNulty $ and Eric Spaulding $
  • Michael and Bob DuCott
  • Steve Legare and Mark Rooney
  • Andrew Duquette $ and John Blanchard $
  • John Campos $ and Chuck Gerbrands $
  • Marcy Rose $ and Tony Gordon $
  • Kevin Farrell $ and daughter $
  • Chad LeBlanc $ and Jason Johnson $

  • John Borelli
  • Dave James
  • Donnie Phillips
  • Ken Gary
  • Pete Nevius
  • John R
  • Jim Bobka
  • Rob Walker
  • Tim Seiger
  • Grant Boyd $

Thursday, September 18, 2008

NH disc golf on TV

Here's a great spot on NH disc golf, featuring my first disc golf friend in New England, Doug Bechtel. Nice job guys!

Everyone wants to play the Hill!

Yes, it's true. Creatures from far and wide have been coming to Devens to see what the buzz is about.

Last week, this little guy hitched a ride from my house and held on for the 25 minute ride. Now that's dedication!

No word on what he shot that day, though.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Devens takes on the Mean 18

Another weekend tournament, another great showing for Devens golfers.

Several Devens regulars headed up to Rindge, NH on Saturday to play in the NH States Hunt's Mean 18. Congrats to John L (2nd), John B (6th), Rich B (8th), Donnie D (8th), and Arty (12th) for their solid finishes in a good-sized AM1 field of 28.

Nice job also to Nut for cashing in his first-ever tournament in AM2 (5th). And we can't forget the Hovestadts, with Joy grabbing 2nd in Adv Women and Ed snagging 4th place in Adv Masters. Marcy had a great tournament too and was deadly with her new Roc.

Yeah Devens!

(Hey don't forget about our Ace Race Oct 18.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Army Appreciation Day

Dave and Pete will be over at Rodgers Field Saturday showing the masses disc golf at the Devens Army Appreciation Day. They'll have a mini course set up for all to try.

Stop by and say hi if you're in the area, and thank your military too while you're at it.

Dylan, Brandon, Kelly, Brenda...

This will not be in the Ace Race players pack!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Final WW results of 2008

We had a great turnout for the last official WW of 2008. Thank you all for coming this year and supporting the course!

Keep your eyes open for our final Bag Tag Bonanza (© Dave James) in late October or November.

Some people plan on continuing to meet each Wednesday, but a little earlier, so if you want to join them, check the WW NEFA discussion page and the blog for any info.

Thanks Ed for figuring out the results last night:

  • 2 John 56
  • 3 Mike C 56
  • 4 Ed H 58
  • 5 Jim B 59
  • 6 Donnie 59
  • 10 Ken 60
  • 15 Dave J 65
  • 16 Luke 65
  • 18 Pete N 66
  • - Chad 67
  • 23 Tom 70
  • 28 Josh 72
  • - Marcy 72*
  • 29 Joy 73
  • 29a Doug 79
* Mostly long tees

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A-Hole Hits the Hill

Word came in yesterday of some asshole who bent over a tree on hole 3. I went over there to check it out and found one young maple tree on the ridge near the basket bent over and snapped about 18 inches from the ground. Looks like the loser pulled the tree over and hung on it until it broke.

Hmm, here's an idea -- if you hit a tree, get better and throw around it next time. Don't be a dick.

If you saw or heard anything, please let me know. And if you ever see anyone breaking branches or otherwise damaging the course... well, do what you want to them.

Looking up at the basket

One cool thing about yesterday is that we spotted this tiny snake. I asked him to keep an eye out for vandals.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ace and Ace!

Looks like there were a couple of aces this Labor Day weekend.

Congrats to Bill Bureau for an ace on Hole 15! That's the first one on 15 I've heard about. Very nice!

His friend Barry S. writes:
Played Devens Sunday for the first time. Bill Bureau aced hole 15. The basket was so far away and out of sight that you barely heard the ching of the chains. It was a beautiful moment. Great Course, loved it. Keep up the great work and Bill is my new golf hero.
And congrats to Donnie Disc Golf for an ace on Hole 10! That's like Donnie's 75th ace on the Hill! :) He writes:
On Saturday Sam from Shirley and I were enjoying a beautiful day on the hill and approached the 10th teebox after playing even par through nine. Here’s how it transpired on the box.

Sam: “Nice Drive!!! That was an awesome ‘S’. It followed a picture perfect ‘S’ line. Awesome. Nice drive.”

Donnie: “Man, hey I am just glad it stopped.”

Later on the way down for the follow-up second shots I realized I didn’t need one -- there was a disc in the basket and it was mine. There was enough noise that you would’ve thought I won the lottery!

Everything’s coming up… aces.

You don't know (Phone) Jack

Add A Phone Jack Systems to the list of Birdie course sponsors. Thank you!

They'll assist you with all phases of design, cabling and hardware installation as well as programming and maintenance of Voice, Data, Wi-Fi, CCTV and IP (Internet Protocol) network systems. Good deal!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Devens Delivers!

Nice job to all the Hillfolk who kicked it at the Barre Falls Open yesterday. The Hill sent 15 bagtaggers to the tournament, and a several of us came home with some hardware. Yeah, baby!

Ken G (Pro Grandmaster), Ed H (Advanced Master), and Marcy (Rec) each won their divisions, while Phil V cashed in Pro, Jimbo-bobka and I tied for third in AM1, and Pete N finished in the top half of AM2. Nice job! Donnie D, Ed, and I also took home a couple of CTPs too.

Watch out, Devens is making some late-season noise!

And now, another entry for worst group photo (missing some of the Hillfolk).

Donnie, Ken, John, Marcy, Pete, Luke, Dave, Gags