Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KOH update & shirts

With one day left before reserved spots expire, there's just one left unclaimed and I'm betting it will stay that way. John Hart it looks good for you getting in.

Dress code
Because we are a B-tier, we are asking all competitors to follow the PDGA dress code and try to look halfway decent. That means everyone must wear a shirt! Tank tops aren't allowed for men.

AMs are allowed to wear t-shirts, but we'd love to see everyone class up the Hill with a collared or dryfit shirt. I know all Pros will be looking sharp because well, they're Pros and know better.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The best drive ever?

Luke Adolph sent me this photo yesterday of 14 year old Phelan Lyman's drive on hole 6 during the Sunday Social. Wow! What a throw. Dead center too.

Luke said Phelan just threw it straight up the gut backhand. He and his Dad, Guy, birdied the hole. Incredible job, Phelan!

I've only seen two drives on hole 6 that have really impressed me. A few years ago, I think it was Jason Dore who torched one up the road and after a big skip his driver landed in putting range for the deuce. Then last year before our Pro Clinic, Nate Doss casually threw a Buzzz up the road and landed just past the path to hole 7. I'm happy when I can get a Valkyrie up over the hump near the short tee, but when you crush one past the path with a midrange? Crazy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

League starts with a bang!

Congratulations to Sam Misuraca for hitting his first career ace last night at the Wednesday Weekly! Sam collected a cool $46 for his efforts and becomes the earliest Ace Pot winner in league history. It only took two weeks to clean us out!

Sam nailed hole 9 with a Gator. Nice job, Sam!

Join us next week at 4:30 and try to be like Sam.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vibram DG donates a boatload of discs to the KOH

Thank you Steve Dodge and Vibram Disc Golf for donating a bunch of VPs, Ridges, Ascents, and two prototypes of their just-approved driver, the Trek, to the King of the Hill!

The granite Trek is one of only six made and our tournament is getting one because as Steve said, "(We're) a special snowflake." Awww.

So, get out there and practice so you'll have a chance at winning one of these discs! The King of the Hill is just one month away! Whuh?!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday Weekly starts next week!

The Wednesday Weekly returns next Wednesday, March 16. Come get your 2011 bag tag and be ready to go at 4:15.

Jim Bobka has created the first 25 tags and I think maybe his design was inspired by our sponsor, Killer B Disc Golf.  Each tagholder gets a Killer B mini and sticker and his stats tracked on DiscGolfScene.

We use league as our primary fundraiser to help pay our yearly insurance bill. We make it fun for all, so don't worry that you have to be an all-star to have a good time. We group players into two groups based on skill, so you'll always be competing with someone about as good as you. I think everyone won something last year, be it a cash payout, a CTP, the ace pot, or one of the fabulous Less Than A Dollar prizes for the end-of-night skills contests. 

  • Two player pools (Pro/AM1 and AM2/Rec), a weekly cash payout, a cash CTP for each pool, and an ace pot. The night ends with a Skills Challenge.
  • Buying a tag saves you $2/week. Visiting non-taggers can still play and get in on the cash payout but can't compete for a tag.
  • Wednesdays, starting March 16
  • Be ready to go at 4:15. Time will move according to sunset.
  • Initial cost: $20 for 2011 tag and a Killer B mini and sticker

Weekly cost
  • Tagholder: $5 (2 payout, 1 CTP, 1 ace pot, 1 course)
  • Non-tagholder: $7 (2 payout, 1 CTP, 1 ace pot, 3 course) 

  • No handicaps. Players grouped by Pro/AM1 and AM2/Rec.
  • One round of singles
  • If you forget your tag, you must pay $7 and cannot compete for a tag that week.
  • If you leave before tags are redistributed, get someone to grab it for you or risk us losing it.
  • Tags are in play for casual rounds and tournaments. Higher tag can challenge a lower tag and under most circumstances, lower tag must accept.
  • Ace pot rolls over each week. If there are no aces for 2011, half goes to the course maintenance/insurance fund and half goes to the 2012 WW ace pot. 
  • There will be a year-end Bag Tag Bonanza to end the season.
Tags can be purchased before league starts or at Killer B Disc Golf store next to the course at 210 W. Main St., Ayer.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Get active!

We're now listed on If you have a red X next to your name that means you are not an active PDGA member and you need to renew or join.
If you joined recently, let me know when you get your PDGA number and I'll link you in. Also check that you are linked to the correct person.

I'd love to see all green checkmarks by April and see you taking advantage of this being a B-tier.

Prizes start to roll in

Jim Bobka has signed on to sponsor the Mini Long Distance Contest and has donated $40! Awesome! You'll be throwing these special Zing minis at lunch. They actually fly pretty far, so it should be a good time.

I'd also like to thank Jaxon and Chris for donating some cool prizes. As you know, we love giving away unique prizes and these fit the bill!  Thanks guys.
  • Jaxon Sheehy - a new Pye Brook disc golf bag tag.
  • Chris Mergemekes - two CDs of his self-produced disc golfer-friendly music. Find him on Amazon.
If you'd like to get your product in front of over 72 golfers, let me know and you can become an official sponsor of the King of the Hill.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

King of the Hill is full. Get on the waitlist.

Even though the event has filled, you can still get on the wait list by registering online. If you do not make it in, we will refund your money.

Thanks for helping us sellout in less than 12 hours!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

One spot left!

Wow, what a day. Including reserved spots for last year's winners, there is only one spot left for KOH3!

Registration opened promptly at 9 this morning with a flurry of registrations pouring in. We had 29 people sign up in the first 20 minutes and were up to 50 by noon.
So, if you still want to play, my advice is to sign up now and get on the wait list. Chances are some of the reserved spots won't be taken and a handful of people will drop out over the next month. It always happens.

Registration is now open for KOH3!

Devens King of the Hill 3
Presented by Killer B Disc Golf and sponsored by Devens Disc Golf, Devens Grill, and Bill Dunne

Saturday, April 16
Devens, MA
TD: Marcy Borelli & John Borelli

Two rounds of singles, 72 golfers max
8:00 - Sign in
9:00 - Players meeting
9:30 - Shotgun start

We have stepped it up again this year and are a PDGA B-tier event as well as a NEFA points event. You do not have to be a PDGA or NEFA member to play. Last year we sold out in 48 hrs, so register now!

Entry Fees and Divisions
  • PDGA members receive a $10 discount. You must be a current PDGA member by April 16 to receive the discounted rate.
  • NEFA members receive a $1 discount at check-in when you show your NEFA tag.
  • Entry fee includes $3 PDGA, $1 NEFA, and $2 admin fees
  • Divisional winners from KOH2 have until Wed. March 31 to claim and pay for their reserved spot. Unclaimed spots go to people on the waitlist if there is one.
  • $45 Pros - Open, Women, Masters, Grandmasters
  • $25 AMs - Advanced, Advanced Women, Adv Masters, Intermediate, Intermediate Women, Rec
  • $2 ace pot (optional)
  • Add $5 for day-of registration

Players Packs
  • All AMs get some nice Killer B schwag and a bag of goodies worth more than your entry fee.
  • All Pros get a bag of goodies.

  • There will be several CTPs. Donations welcome.
  • All Pros are playing for close to 100% cash payout minus fees.
  • All AMs are playing for a sweet custom first place KOH trophy. There will be no funny money but this may change if the sponsors keep rolling in. You're getting a great players pack and other stuff worth more than your entry fee.

Sponsor a Hole, Win a Killer B Prize Pack ($40 value)
We're giving away a Killer B disc, hat, mini, and sticker to a very appreciated sponsor. You can even name the hole after your favorite all-time King or give us a king-related quote!
  • $10 - Get one entry in the sponsor-only drawing.

Tournament sponsor the Devens Grill will be taking lunch orders during check-in. Please thank them for supporting disc golf on Devens by ordering lunch.

Other Fun Stuff
  • Expect some free pre- and post-tourney food if we get enough sponsors. And Borelli Brownies of course!
  • Long distance mini throwing contest at halftime. Everybody gets one free throw and then it is $1/throw thereafter. (Update: Jim Bobka is sponsoring this and has pitched in $40! Yahoo!)
  • Kite flying demo by Kites Over New England all day.

  • We plan on reserving a block of rooms at course sponsor Marriott Suites that is two minutes away. (Update: they are sold out)
  • Ayer Motor Inn is 3 minutes away. Nothing too fancy.
  • There is a KOA campground about 5 miles away on Rt 110/2A in Littleton, but they may not be open yet.
  • We can probably find you a sofa to crash on at a local's house.

  • If you can't make it, let us know on or before April 9 and you'll get everything but $3 back.
  • If you let us know after April 13, you'll get 50% back minus $3 if there is no one from the wait list to take your spot.
  • If you do not show on game day, you won't get anything back or get a players pack (even if you send an email or call that morning). Thank you for sponsoring the KOH!

  • Registration starts Sat. Mar 5 at 9:00 AM at
  • Registration is online only.
  • You can pay with a credit card or use a PayPal account.

To get on the waitlist, you must still register online. Emails, phone calls, and posts here will not save you a spot. If you don't make it in, we will refund your money after the event minus any PayPal fee.

Email John.

Friday, March 04, 2011

And we are a B tier!

Yahoo! Bill Dunne has helped make the King of the Hill a "Killer B Tier event" (his creative words) by joining us as a sponsor. Thanks Bill!

So it is official. We are now a B-tier event and will be listed on the PDGA website shortly.

Spread the word! Registration opens tomorrow, 9 AM.

Devens Grill jumps on the sponsorship wagon!

The Devens Grill has joined Killer B Disc Golf and Devens Disc Golf Club as an official sponsor of the KOH for the second year in a row. Thank you Elaine and John! They will also be our lunch vendor.

Now all we need is one or two more sponsors and we will be able to bump up to a B tier! Who wants to earn some major karma? $150-200 is all we need.

Maybe a group of you could pool your spare change together and become one major sponsor....  Let me know!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

KOH registration opens Sat @ 9 AM

Online registration opens this Saturday, March 5, at 9:00 AM EST for Devens King of the Hill 3.

I will post the link on,, and Only online registration will be accepted.

Some highlights for KOH 3
  • Divisional winners from KOH2 have until Wed. March 31 to claim and pay for their reserved spot. Unclaimed spots go to people on the waitlist if there is one. 
  • If the event fills before I have a chance to close registration and you are one of the last to register, you may end up on the waitlist.
  • This is a trophy-only, NEFA points, and PDGA ratings event for AMs. Pros play for cash and trophy. 
  • Entry fees are cheap and AM player packs are worth more than your entry fee. Pros are $45, AMs are $25. PDGA members receive a $10 discount. NEFA members receive a $1 discount at check-in when you show your NEFA tag.
  • There will be a fun event at halftime using something from your players pack.
  • Hole sponsors have a chance at winning a Killer B prize pack.

We are looking for official tournament sponsors to help defray costs. Cash is good, but so is stuff for the players pack. Contact me if you can help.

In case you forgot if you won last year, here's the list of winners:
  • Pro Open - Billy Dunne 104
  • Pro Master - Doug DeSalvo 120
  • Pro GM - Ken Gary 111
  • AM1 - Derek Brazauskas 110
  • Adv Master - James Beaulieu 115
  • Adv Women - Rachael Hudson 131
  • AM2 - Leo Lacwasan 114
  • Rec - Jeff Cooper 134

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

KOH sponsorship opportunities available

We're looking for companies and individuals who would like to help out with this year's King of the Hill tournament and make it the best one yet.

Monetary sponsorship would be great, but we're also looking for products, services, and other doo-dads you'd like to get in front of at least 72 dedicated disc golfers.

Don't own your own company? Ask your boss or marketing department if they would like to sponsor or if they have any leftover schwag they want to get rid of. You never know! Players love getting free stuff in their players pack, so most anything works.

Maybe you're a massage therapist, restaurant owner, mechanic, local farmer, tax guy, or baker with a great product or service you want to get out in front of the masses. Let me know and we'll come up with a way for you to help!

Thanks and see you on April 16. Who will be this year's King of the Hill?