Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last official WW this week - 4:00 PM

Due to the ever-shrinking daylight, this Wednesday will be the last official WW and will start at 4:00.
  • Thank you everyone for buying a tag and playing this year!
We'll probably continue to meet and play casually until those dreary 4 PM sunsets come.

Also, reserve Sat. Nov 21 for the Bag Tag Bonanza, our end-of-year final tag tourney. All 09 tagholders are invited. Free, potluck lunch, 2 rounds, prizes galore. CTP donations encouraged.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Get more distance

I met the guy who shot this clip and played with his buddy Jeremy while at Worlds in KC. Check out the other pro tips too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ka-ching! Burdett hits Ace pot for $339!

Congratulations to Robert Burdett for hitting the Wednesday Weekly ace pot last night to the tune of $339! Wow!!! Richie Rich nailed hole 9 with a putter.

Like a disc golfer in headlights, Robert shows off his moneymaker

I am so glad (and relieved) that this huge ace pot went to a WW regular and was hit before the end of the season. Plus I heard he was treating his favorite TDs to a few frosty adult beverages, right?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fundraiser poker tourney this Saturday

Dave James is hosting a poker tournament this Saturday to raise money for one of the nurses who took care of his daughter Meg during her treatment. She (Laura the nurse, not Meg!) is running the Chicago marathon and fundraising for the hospital.

Email Dave or click the picture below for more info.

WW starts at 4:45 today

Today is also the last day to order and pay for your exclusive WW shirt at our insanely low, low price. Don't delay, order today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Fall!

Make it a good one and sign up for the Thrill on the Hill!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Devens dominates Hunt's Mean 18 at Rindge

The boys from the Hill made quite an impression this past Saturday at Hunt's Mean 18 NH States in Rindge, NH.

Congratulations to Devens regulars Andrew Duquette, Brian McNulty, and Pete Nevius who finished 1, 2, and 3 in AM2. I think this was Andrew's first career win, so be sure to give him a "Hill Yeah!" the next time you see him. Andrew shot an impressive 54 in Rd 2 to give him a cushy 8-throw win (115, +7).

Andrew and brother Matt also took home a good chunk of money at Friday's Skins match by each getting a CTP. It was a good weekend to be a Duquette, that's for sure!

In AM1, I won my third tournament of the year by 3 throws with a delicious 2-under 106 (53, 53). After an absolutely horrible showing at Skins and doubles on Friday, I knew I had to redeem myself on Saturday. What a difference 15 hours and a night of stewing makes!

Rindge is a shorter, tighter version of Devens and not surprisingly, my kind of course. After hearing some of the scores from guys getting in some practice rounds on Friday, I knew I had to get my stuff together if I wanted to do well. Thankfully I did.

JoBo thanks his "sponsor" and suggests that everyone should get layed off and play more disc golf

Ken Gary continued his excellent tournament play by taking third (112, +4) in a larger than usual Pro Masters field. Our lone pro, Daniel Marcus, finished third in Open (109, +1) . Nice job, guys! Marcy even came home with $10 after finishing second in Intermediate Women.

Best if all, I was excited to see 14 Devens regulars at this tournament. Our little course is growing and I love it!

John H gives and John B takes

Alan won a snazzy mini beer pong game

Marcy figures out the new Devens tag order

Nut made it to his favorite tournament

Frank and his son got in a practice round on Friday

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Four more in for Dubs

Four more teams signed up last night at league. If you want your info imported into Disc Golf Scene, make sure I have your email address that you use on DGS.
We will also be taking registrations at the tournament at Rindge this Sat.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WW starts at 5:00 this week

Bagtaggers, don't forget to let me know about the shirts. Don't miss out.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's go Pats!

Here's to the start of another Super Bowl run!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Registrations trickling in

I am happy to report that we already have 5 doubles teams registered for the Thrill on the Hill. One pro team, three Advanced, and one Intermediate.

Send in your info today!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Thrill On The Hill Dubs - Oct 17

Registration has opened (by snail mail) for our first doubles tournament at the Hill. Only 36 teams will be allowed, so grab your partner and sign up now!

Thrill On The Hill Dubs
Saturday, Oct. 17
  • 2 rounds, best-disc doubles
  • Max teams: 36
  • $40/team - Pro
  • $20/team - AM1, AM2, Rec
  • 100% cash payout in each division.
  • No player packs, no trophies, just good cheap golf. Hill Yeah!
  • 8:00 - Sign in
  • 9:00 - Players meeting
  • 9:30 - Shotgun start
Bring your own lunch (for now)

Post Thrill Action: Speed!
  • One 4-hole round of Speed Golf.
  • $5

Register by mail only. Send names, division, email, and check to:

John Borelli
Devens Disc Golf
40 Cranberry St
Pepperell, MA 01463

Don't wait on this one. Our King of the Hill event sold out in 17 days.

Thanks Sam!

Happy 1-year disc golf anniversary to Sam Misuraca! Sam threw his first disc at the Hill last September and it seems like he has never left. The man is hooked!

Sam has done quite well for himself in his first year as a Rec and has won or placed in most tournaments he entered. He has also pitched in on a few workdays and moved his share of branches off the fairway.

Thanks for your donation, Sam. You've gone above and beyond and I appreciate your generosity.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


What special thing should we do for league tomorrow since it is Sept 9, 2009?

CTP on hole 9 is the obvious choice, but boring. If no one comes up with anything, we are going to practice interconnectedness.

WW results

A record 27 golfers came out last week, including a few non-taggers. We now have 46 tags in circulation.

  • Sandy Redd almost deucing hole 3 with a lucky tomahawk through the woods, well-left of the road deep in the woods. Missed his desired line and thwacked it off the rim of the basket. Pretty funny.
  • Chris Vilmorin entertained us after with 500+ ft bombs across the field into the neighbor's yard.
  • Doug O hangs with the big boys (again) in the putting contest, going to the final round. One of these days, Doug! Chris V outputts Frank (?) at the 50-ft mark to win a box of homegrown tomatoes courtesy of Dave J.
Splitting into 2 pools seemed to be well-received and it was good to see some AM2s go home with some cash.

I goofed a bit on the payout for pool 1 (Daniel and Pete should have split the money since they tied). Tags for scores 63 and lower are off one because I missed Sandy at 62. I hope you all forgive me. Wink

Pool A:
JoBo 52 $13
Daniel 53 $9
Pete T 53 $6

Pool B:
John R 57 $10
Jimmy B 59 $7
Dan N 61 $5

Final tag results
1 John Borelli 52
2 Daniel Marcus 53
3 Pete Tolvanen 53
5 Frank Strauss 57
6 John Rodenhizer 57
- Chris Vilmorin 57
8 Matthew Arminio 58
15 Dave James 59
-- Jimmy Blakeney 59
16 Dan Nakamoto 61
-- Bradley Arnall 61
18 Ken Gary 62
20 Donnie Phillips 62
33* Sandy Redd 62
21 Rob Walker 63
24 Dave Mallen 63
31 Matthew Duquette 63
34 Alan MacLean 64
36 Matthew Carota 64
37 Andrew Duquette 65
38 Brian Anderson 66
39 Ben Stevens 66
43 Doug Orleans 69
44 Doug Callaghan 69
45 Bill Bryant 74
12* Steve Walker 77
-- Joel Brown 92

CTPs: JoBo ($14), Matt D ($11, donated back to course)
Ace pot: $275
Skills: Chris V (tomatoes)

Bees on 7

Got a note today about a bees nest on hole 7. Beware.
Be prepared on hole 7 for the attack of the killer bees / hornet nest located right at the crest of the first corner just to the right of the rocks
I'm not sure which one of these is scarier...

Monday, September 07, 2009

WW starts at 5:15

Let's try 5:15 one last time this week. Can we beat our record 27 golfers? See you then!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

PDGA player ratings posted

Are you a member of the PDGA? If you are, then check out the latest player ratings which were released today. You can also view ratings by state and division.
Good news for me -- I moved up two spots and finally cracked the top 10 in Advanced in MA. Congrats to Bradley A. and Ed H. for making the top 15 too!