Monday, January 25, 2010

Over $1100 delivered to Loaves and Fishes courtesy of ICO disc golfers!

Marcy and I turned her Subaroooo into a low rider today and dropped off 330 pounds of food (306 items) and a big fat check for $1115.16 to the Loaves and Fishes. They were overjoyed and wanted me to thank everyone very much.

We got a tour of how the place works and learned about the many free services they provide. That made us feel extra warm and fuzzy about being able to help so many people. So, please pat yourself on the back, everyone and thank you again for making this the best Ice Cube Open to date.

Results have been posted to DiscGolfScene. If your results don't link to your profile, then I have a different email address. Send it to me.

  • 55 golfers
  • About 10 inches of snow
  • Pretty damn cold during check-in (10-12 degrees). Rd 1 was about 22, Rd 2 hit 32 but quickly cooled as the sun set.
  • It was perfect winter golf conditions. Sunny and just warm enough where the snow didn't really melt. Dave Boliver gave me some scientific mumbo-jumbo about what was happening to the snow crystals, followed by "I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express."
  • There were two tournament aces (Luke Adolph, 2; Matt Duquette, 9) and one practice ace (Erik Siersdale, 9)
  • Boliver deuced hole 18. Others didn't have such luck. I heard several stories about discs going sledding down the Hill.
  • The Devens Grill chili went fast. Thank you JC for the dogs and Frank for the fudge.

Ring of Ice
  • John White was the only guy to sink his putt in the first and only round of the AM2/Rec Ring of Ice. I've never seen that happen before.
  • After Daniel Marcus and Davis Johnson both missed their second round putts in the Pro/AM1 Ring of Ice, everyone jumped back in. After one more round, Rob Walker won. He was pretty surprised he beat everyone.
Lots of stuff, including booze, new plastic, hat, and Innova calendars was given away. Winners were:
  • Daniel M
  • Frank S
  • Nick S
  • Sam M
  • Dave B
  • Alan M
  • Mike S
  • Brittanie
  • Coleman M
  • Greg A
The Disc Grab Bag was a huge success and raised another $150 or so. Steve Shiner went home with 14 and Trenton Solomon took home 12.

I'm sure there were lots more highlights. Let me know! More photos coming.

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