Monday, February 20, 2006

Basket building

I went to the Home Depot this morning and bought the rest of the materials for our temp baskets. After some experimentation, I figured out that the best way to cut a hole in a tennis ball is by using a drill with a hole-cutting attachment. The utility knife method was just too difficult and dangerous for me (I've lost enough fingers already thank you very much). Once I exerted some pressure on the ball to flatten it a bit, the drill cut a nice hole through the ball. It took me a few tries before I got it right, but once I learned to go slow and steady, it was no problem.

Next, I drilled four holes in the bottom of the buckets to make it kid-proof and slightly less attractive to thieves. My prototype from last week did not hold, so I'm going to try some different adhesive this time. It's hard to find adhesive that says it works with plastic.

And here is how they should look. Yes, I know, they are works of art:

The buckets are labeled:

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Layout almost done?

I went over with Steve B this morning. We tagged and measured holes 6-15 before calling it quits. Only three more holes to finalize. At the end of 15 all we could see were trees, trees, and more trees! Our brains were fried. I think the average length per hole so far is about 200-230 feet.

The course is shaping up to be deceivingly difficult. Most holes are short and should be easy pars, but if you are off your mark, it's Tree City, baby and you've got yourself a bogey or worse. Catch an edge on a putt or ricochet off a tree or boulder and you could get into some bigtime trouble as you watch your disc roll back down the hill. You'll definitely need accuracy and good shot selection skills. There definitely are not going to be any haul-off-and-give-it-all-you-got holes on this course.

I made a bucket basket today too. I'm curious to see if I used the right type of adhesive. We'll see tomorrow once it cures completely.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Some more scouting

My wife, dog, and I did some scouting this Saturday. We explored the northeastern section of the hill and found a really cool mini-canyon with steep rock walls on either side. It's not very long but will make a pretty hole. We tentatively mapped out a full 18 (which ended nicely over by hole 1), but will have to go back again and mark and map the tees and basket locations.

I also bought a couple of Home Depot orange 5-gallon buckets so I can make a couple temporary baskets using Pete T's method. Now all I need is some fence posts, old tennis balls, empty Gatorade bottles, and some super duty glue. Anyone have any?