Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here's the Real Chris Gagne

Five of us showed up last night for the Weekly, included rockman Chris. Since I could only stay for 9, we played singles.

  • Gags 60
  • Arty 61
  • Pete 70
  • Tom 80

Chris and Artie record our scores on Hole 2.

And here's some unexciting video!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Get Your Own Ticks -- Free!

Hole sponsor John Knowles sent me some very cool photos of some deer ticks that hitched a ride home with him last week. John is the President and owner of Microvision Labs and makes a living taking these amazing up-close and personal electron microscope images.

Is anyone else itching now?!

Come get your own ticks tonight at the Wednesday Weekly! 5:30pm. Free Off! provided.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Vandal Fesses Up

Maple Hill II tournament AM2 winner and Devens regular Chris Gagne has confessed to building the stone bench on tee 2, as well as creating the rock art. Thanks Chris! He has even volunteered to build more benches in the future.

That's what I like to see -- golfers giving their time to help make our course better (as long as they check with me first, of course!) .

See you at tomorrow's Wednesday Weekly.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vandals Hit Devens!

Some very nice vandals hit Devens sometime between Wednesday night and Saturday morning and built a sweet rock bench on hole 2's tee! They also sprinkled some balanced rock formations on holes 1-4. Very cool. Thanks to whoever built the bench! Looks like you've made a few before.

Steve B, Rob W, Nut, and I played a few holes this morning with Katrina, a reporter from the local newspaper who writes a weekly column called "Adventures in Fitness."

Although she was afraid that she would not be any good on her first time out, Katrina did a good job and improved on each hole. Look for her article in a few weeks. Thanks for coming Katrina!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

WW3 Results

We had a great turnout last night -- 8 golfers. Newcomers Marty and John K (also a course sponsor) joined Pete T., Pete N., Arty, Tom, Jim, and me for random doubles.

Highlight of the round (and possibly for the short history of our course) was Arty scoring an unbelieveable 2 on Hole 18! It was awesome. After a less than graceful drive (he stumbled a bit), his disc sailed through the fairway curving gently through the first stretch, headed through the gap over the crest of the hill, and glided down the hill, landing about 25-30 feet to the left of the basket. Truly amazing. Then, with all seven of us watching, Arty nailed the putt and secured victory for Jim and him. All Jim could say was, "Ch-zizzle!"

Nice job Arty. Now do it again!

Arty and Jim: 54
Pete T and John K: 56
Pete N and John B: 60
Marty and Tom: 65

Thanks for coming and see you next week!

Don't forget about our interview and round this Sat. morning, 8:30AM.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

WW3 and an Interview

Join us this week for our Wednesday Weekly at 5:30pm.

Now that we've got sun until about 8, should we move the start time back to 5:30 and give more people time to show up? Thoughts?

Also, be sure to join us this Saturday morning at 8:30am for a round with Katrina Folger, a reporter from the Ayer Public Spirit. We've been trying to meet up for several weeks now and finally found a date good for everyone. Katrina writes a fun column called Adventures in Fitness that highlights fun and healthy things to do around the area. Read her latest column.

Hope to see some new faces on the Hill this Wednesday and Saturday!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bobby's Ranch Rides In With a Sponsorship

Yippee Ki Yay! Bobby's Ranch has signed up as a Birdie sponsor! Thank you, Bobby!

Bobby's Ranch offers guided horseback trail rides, hay and sleigh rides, and lessons on over 2000 scenic acres in Acton, MA. They even have horses for sale if you're looking for a new ride!

Carlson Orchards Shines Up a Birdie!

Thank you to Carlson Orchards of Harvard, MA for becoming our latest Birdie-level sponsor!

Carlson's has been around since 1936 and is dedicated to growing the best tree fruits, blueberries, raspberries, and pumpkins as well as producing the best tasting apple cider available anywhere.

They grow fruit on 140 acres producing:
  • 60,000 bushels of apples
  • 5,000 baskets of peaches and nectarines
  • Over 500,000 gallons of apple cider annually.
Thanks again! We can't wait for some apples at our Fall tournament!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playing Arty & Mark's Hole 8

Arty, one of the sponsors of Hole 8 (along with his friend Mark), came out Sunday to help install the basket and cleanup the fairway. Looks even better now with some shiny metal to aim at!

Mr. Sponsor

Steve approaches 8

Arty finishes out 8

Sunday Action

Here are a few shots from our round after Sunday's workday.

Pete on 3

Tom on 3

Arty on 5

Steve on 5

Walking up 5

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Volunteers Needed for Demo This Sat.

We are looking for a few golfers to help at the Harvard (MA) Apple Blossom Festival and Ducky Wucky Race this Sat., May 12, 10 a.m., Town Common. We will have a few baskets set up and need a few volunteers to show people how to play disc golf, as well as spread the word about our course.

If you can help for a few hours, please email me.
As has been the tradition for the past 16 years, the annual “Ducky Wucky River Race” will be held following the May 12 Apple Blossom festival, where people can also adopt ducks prior to the race. According to Sue Podzycki, one of the festival organizers, ducks are available for adoption for $5 each, $10 per pair, or $20 per flock of five. ... Some little lucky ducky wucky is going to win its sponsor a dinner for two — anywhere in the world — all expenses paid. (More info)

WW2 Tomorrow

Just a reminder.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Two more baskets in!

Today was an awesome day at the Hill. Seven volunteers turned out to install baskets on hole 7 and hole 8 (bringing us up to 16 baskets and only 2 buckets), as well as drag away branches, brush, and other junk we left last summer when we first worked on the holes. We started around 9:15 and were done just after 11:15. Two hours, two holes. Great job, guys!

After we hauled all of our supplies to hole 8, our official basket installers Rob W, Steve B, and Dave J got to work. Meanwhile, Arty and his brother Tom, Pete N, and I set our sights on clearing the fairway. We dragged tons of branches and other brush down the hill and made a big pile behind the tee box. Rob also cleared out a bunch of scrap metal, truck parts, cable, and other crap.

Next, we headed over to hole 7. The seven of us worked like a well-oiled machine and before we knew it we were done. Nice! Time to play! We even stopped to chat with Mickey and Mark (or was it Mike? Sorry!), two newbies from Shirley that were out for their second time playing ever.

They seemed to be having fun and were excited to hear that we'll be playing every Sunday morning soon. They were using our loaner discs we keep over at the Devens Grill, so that made me happy too.

After we rolled on back to the parking lot, some of the crew had to split but the rest of us played a fun round.

Thanks again for coming out today, guys. Next up -- hole 12 and 18 are going down!

Installing Hole 7 in 4 Easy Steps

1. Steve digs the hole.

2. Dave checks the depth with the pole sleeve.

3. With the pole in the hole, it's time to add the cement, pack the hole with dirt, and level the pole.

4. And they're done with Hole 7!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Workday Sunday, 9 AM or earlier

Join us this Sunday at 9 AM sharp for a few hours of honest labor on the course. We are installing two more baskets (Hole 7 and 8), bringing our total to 16. Since these two are off the beaten path, the more hands there to help lug supplies through the woods the better. We will also drag brush and branches out of those fairways.

It's times to give back to your new favorite course! Bring a pair of work gloves, spray your ankles with DEET, and wear some sturdy boots. Email or post a comment if you think you can make it.

I will be driving in, so don't worry if you don't see my truck. Just head out to hole 7.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

WW1 Results

Jim B., Arty G., John B., John B., Nut, Mike C., Chuck G.

We had a good turnout for our first Wednesday Weekly of 2007. Mike and Lunchbox Arty won and donated their $7 winnings to the course insurance fund. Thanks and congrats! I won the CTP (a melted chocolate bar and a scratch ticket).

Here are the results:
  • Mike/Arty: 54
  • Chuck/Jim B: 55
  • Me (playing Cali): 58
  • Nut/John Bobka: 62

Arty approaches Hole 1.

Mike and Arty walk down Hole 7.

Mike tees off down Hole 10.

DG on Late Night TV

David Feldberg, winner of two of the last three PDGA National Tour events, will be interviewed by Conan O'Brien Thursday night. Conan is on at 12:30AM EST on NBC.

WW Tonight!

Join us tonight, 5:30 sharp. Try to be early so we can start on time and beat the 7:47 PM sunset. (It gets dark earlier in the woods).

While looking for a fun "WW" graphic to use for this post, I came across this great blog, BBWW, "a fun blog containing artists' renditions of our favorite amazon princess" - Wonder Woman. There is some really great artwork here. I think cartoon fans, doodlers, and artists will appreciate it the most.