Monday, June 29, 2009

James Dubs results, highlights, and photos

Well, put that down as another successful disc golf event at the Hill! Lots of good karma floating around here these days.

Thank you everyone who made our event a success! Thank you Pete Nevius and Marcy for helping me run the show. Thank you to those that brought food and drink to share.

Thank you Marc Seward for bidding $40 to be Dave's partner!

After including entry fees ($10/golfer), donations from players, donations from NEFA members who could not attend, money from casual players on the course, and donated prize winnings, we raised exactly $900.

Here are the numbers:
  • Total golfers: 40
  • First-time golfers: 7
  • Rec: 8
  • AM1: 7
  • AM2: 6
  • Pro: 12
  • $ from entry fees: $400
  • Added donations and donations from winners: $500
  • Total donated to James family: $900

Devens Dubs for Dave's Daughter Results
  • 1 Bradley Arnall /Matty B 48 $100
  • 2 Matt Stroika / Bill Sylvester 49 $80
  • 3 Joe Atwood / John Hart 50 $70
  • t4 Donnie Phillips / Andrew Duquette 51 $37
  • t4 Jason Johnson / John Rodenhizer 51 $37
  • t4 Mike Connell / Justin DiMucci 51 $37
  • t4 Mike Dussault / Steve Walker 51 $37
  • 8 Steve Dodge / Kari James 52
  • 9 Luke Adolph / Matt Nuberg 53
  • 10 Eric Kaplan / David Beemer 54
  • t11 JoBo / Peter E 55
  • t11 Ed Hovestadt / Peter B 55
  • t11 JD / Barry Sherman 55
  • t11 Ken Gary / Kindred Atwood 55
  • t15 Jerel Davis / Mike G 56
  • t15 Rob Walker / Lee T 56
  • 17 Alan MacLean / Chris S 57
  • 18 Dave James / Marc Seward 58
  • 19 TM Dyer / Kaitlyn Phillips 59
  • 20 Keith / Ed 61
  • AMs/Rec CTPs: Kari, Justin, Joe, Jason (discs and funny money)
  • Door prize donated by Sam M. (Discraft t-shirt): Marc Seward.

  • Ekap aces hole 9, but there is no ace pot!
  • Bradley teaches his fifth-grade partner Matty B how to flick. Matty then proceeds to flick it a mile and helps them win! I think we have our next world champ in the making.
I'd especially like to thank the twelve Pros who showed up to help and share their skills with many new players. Hopefully many of the newbies caught the bug and will be back for more! (Mike Dussault, Steve Dodge, Matt Stroika, Ken Gary, Bradley Arnall, Eric Kaplan, Mike Connell, John Hart, Jerel Davis, JD, TM Dyer)

Post-Lunch Random Dubs results
  • 1 TM/Mike D 49 $30
  • t2 JoBo/Marcy 51 $10
  • t2 Jerel/Rob W 51 $10
  • 4 Mike C/Ken 52
  • 5 Dave J/Cali 53
  • 6 Chris/Luke 57
  • $5 CTP: Mike C

Even more photos here.

The next generation of golfers hits the Hill!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wow! We raised $900!

Just a quick note about yesterday. Forty golfers showed up and donated exactly $900 for Dave, Kari, and Meg! Thank you golfers!

More details and photos later.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Be Dave's dubs partner!

Let the bidding begin!
  • Ken Gary - $10
  • Bill Dunne - $25
  • ???

We play, rain or shine tomorrow.

Even though we may be hit with a brief thunderstorm just in time for tee off at 10 AM tomorrow, the show will go on!

Please arrive at 9 to register and give us time to do our TD thing. Players meeting is at 9:45. Thanks and see you tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We love disc golf!

Who wants to loan this to their favorite disc golf course designer in Devens? :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed continues hotstreak at Spring Fling

Congrats to Ed Hovestadt for another great win this weekend at the Borderland Spring Fling. Ed pulled out a two-stroke win in Advanced Masters.

I have to give props to AM2ers Andrew Duquette and Dave Mallen who beat me in round 1! Andrew shot a 53 and Dave a 55 while I found several trees and shot a disappointing 56. Nice job guys! Dave finished sixth overall in AM2 and Andrew tied for eighth.

Now some sad news. The #1 tag has been lost to a non-local! Devens WW tag holder Matt Arminio tore it up on his home course and won AM1 along with the #1 Devens tag! Hopefully he'll make it back to the Hill soon so we can reclaim what is ours. ;-)

If you plan on coming Saturday to the Devens Dubs for Dave's Daughter, please email me and let me know. Thank you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Devens Dubs for Dave's Daughter - Sat June 27

We are having a quick and dirty fundraiser for one of our own, Dave James.

His daughter Meg was diagnosed with Leukemia in April and although insurance is covering a good chunk of the medical expenses, we thought we'd help with everyday expenses while they travel back and forth to Boston Childrens Hospital (parking, gas, tolls, food, babysitting, etc).

Update: After almost two months in the hospital, Meg has returned home!

Many of you have told me that you have heard great things about the Hill but still haven't made it out yet. Well, here's your chance to experience Devens AND help someone at the same time with a fun day of golf.

We expect several James family, friends, and coworkers to attend. Thank you to the Pros who have already committed to help out on this special day -- TM Dyer, Mike Connell, Jim Wills, Matt Stroika, Steve Dodge. Any other Pros that would like to help, please email me.

The Details
  • Saturday, June 27
  • $20/person
  • 1 morning round of pseudo-random dubs (format may change slightly depending on the number of newer players that show up.)
  • 50/50 payout (50% to James family, 50% to payout)
  • 9:00-9:30 registration, 9:45 players meeting, 10:00 tee off
  • Bid for the honor of being Dave's partner!
  • Afternoon round - Most new players may not want to stick around for two rounds, so Rd2 we may reshuffle the cards or just play singles for $5-10

One division. Players loosely grouped into skill levels (A, B, C) and then randomly paired with someone in a higher/lower level. This may change depending on number of golfers.
  • A (Pro/AM1)
  • B (AM2)
  • C (Newbies/Recs)

Please send check to address below, pay at league on Wed, or come with cash day of. Be kind to your TD and let me know if you are coming though!

John Borelli
Devens Disc Golf
40 Cranberry St
Pepperell, MA 01463

CTPs and prize donations accepted!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ken and Alan tear it up at the Hunt!

Congrats to Ken Gary and Alan MacLean for winning their respective divisions this weekend at the Hunt for a Cure tournament in Medfield, MA.

Ken continued his hot streak by winning Pro Grandmasters while Alan continues to impress in AM2. I think this was Alan's first win, too.

Ed Hovestadt also cashed in AM Masters, while Dave and John, uh... didn't!

Ken is the man!

Devens #1 AM2 - Alan

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hunt for A Cure is this Saturday

Don't forget to join a few of us Devens folks at Rob Tatro's Hunt For a Cure tournament this Sat. Rumor has it that Curt Schilling will be stopping by to lend his support to the cause.
This is a temporary course on a sprawling horse farm. From the photos Rob has posted, it looks like a great challenge. Sign up now!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

WW - 5:30

Just a reminder -- the Wednesday Weekly starts at 5:30. This should be the last time change until September or so.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Hole 11 is hot!

There's been another ace on hole 11! Ken Gary nailed it at Sunday league with a Buzzz. Straight up the left alley. Ka-ching!

That's his second-career ace, both at Devens. Nice job, Ken! Must have been that snazzy shirt you were wearing that you won at the King of the Hill.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thumbs up for the Hill

Just got this great post yesterday that I wanted to share. Thanks for the kind words, Ryan! Top ten? Wow! Definitely contact me the next time you are in the area and I'll give you the insiders tour.
I just played Devens for the first time on Monday. I travel to Manchester, NH a couple times a year to visit family and I always try to play a new course or two while I'm there. Anyhow, I wanted to tell u guys that you've done an EXCELLENT job with Devens! I've played around 100 courses or so around the nation, and I'm pretty picky/snobby when it comes to course design. Devens for sure makes my top 10 all-time list!

The signs were excellent, everything was excellent. I hope to get out there again next time I'm in the are for some competition. I had the family with me this time, so I was limited to only one round, but WOW, what a great place.

Ryan Gwillim
Portland, Oregon

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Hill hits the road ... and wins!

Hats off to Hillfolk Arty Graustein, John Borelli, Pete Tolvanen, and Marcy Buchanan for kicking butt this weekend at two different tournaments!

On Saturday, despite it being his first time playing the course, Arty took second place in AM1 at the soggy Sap Bucket Open in VT.

On Sunday, John and Pete finished first and second in AM1 at the Terrace Pines Open in NH. Marcy had her first real battle for first place but lost by just one stroke to the local ace in Intermediate Women.

Great job, everyone!

We're going to try this at our next tournament

Cheese rolling! Yep, count on it. Broken bones and lots of fun.