Monday, March 30, 2009

WW week 3 - Start time 4:45

We are pushing the start time back 15 minutes this week. Check in by 4:35. Tee off at 4:45.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Giving it up for the Hill

On Friday, Bobka, Ken, John R, and I put in some quality work on the course (and some of us left a little blood out there too!).

Ken and JimBo installed steps on 9 and 16 and have some finishing work to do on them. I roamed the course cleaning up and trimming fairways. Later John R built a drainage channel in front of tee pad 6 to hopefully divert rainwater around the tee. Today's rain should be a good test!

Thanks for your hard work, guys. I know I was (and am still) pretty pooped today.

More cleanup coming next week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot shot Donnie claims Hill singles record.

Got an email from a happy Donnie Disc Golf today. It seems he shot a course record 49 this afternoon! Nice job, Donnie!
The beautiful day and the excellent work day put in yesterday by the local hillbillies brought DonnieP some extra good disc Kharma and a new personal best by four strokes! Donnie put his #3 tag on the line versus his arch rival nemesis JoeA but managed to hold onto it and fend off a late round surge. Thanks to all you for the great stairs and the cleaned up course...It works!!!!!
Glad you could take advantage of all the hard work Jim Bobka, Ken G, John R, and I did out there yesterday. Jim, Ken, and I were too pooped to play any afterward, but John R played a round with Jimmy B. who showed up as John and I were about to leave.

Hope everyone else enjoys the improvements too because there are more to come next week!

The Real #1 Hillbilly, Donnie Phillips

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We have a new #1 - WW2 results

We had 15 taggers last night and 1 non-tagger. Luke continues his hot shooting with what I think is a personal best on the Hill. Nice job, Luke!

Alan M and Bobka both hit basket 10 on consecutive drives! So close.
Complete info here on discgolfscene.

Next week start time shifts to 4:45. Be there at 4:30 to check in.

  • - Matt Stroika, 54, $15 (no tag, donated winnings back to course. Thanks Matt!)
  • 1 Luke Adolph, 55, $11
  • 2 John Borelli, 56, $3
  • 3 Donnie Phillips, 56, $3
  • 5 Jim Bobka, 60
  • 6 Pete Tolvanen, 60
  • 7 Rob Walker, 60
  • 8 Frank Strauss, 61
  • 10 Alan MacLean, 61
  • 11 Ed Hovestadt, 61
  • 13 Andrew Duquette, 62
  • 15 John Rodenhizer, 65
  • 17 Jimmy Blakeney, 65
  • 19 Doug Orleans, 73
  • 21 Matt Duquette, 76
  • 22 Pete Nevius, DNF
  • CTP: Matt Stroika, $16
  • Ace pot: $32 rolls

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has sprung! WW this afternoon - 4:30

Spring is in the air (again), so get out to the Hill this afternoon for week 2 of the Wednesday Weekly.

We've got some new guys coming this week to mix it up. Will you be there?
  • Sign in by 4:15
  • Tee off 4:30 sharp.
  • BTW, #1 Bobka says you're all a bunch of pansies (or maybe he said crocuses.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Devens treasures

While doing a little Spring cleaning today, I came across some Devens artifacts I forgot to submit to our online Museum of Natural History and Assorted Trash. Here you go. Some classics to be sure.

Snoopy and Woodstock Thermos

Heinz Ketchup bottle?

Coca Cola bottle from Baton Rouge

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The King is sold out!

The King of the Hill is officially sold out! Those who sent checks will be put on the wait list. Email us if you want to get on the list.

Thanks for your support, golfers. Wow, a whole month early!

WW starts with a bang!

We had a great turnout last night for the first night of the 2009 Wed. Weekly. Sixteen golfers bought tags for the season and competed for the #1 tag, cash, ace pot, and a cash CTP.

Among the usual regulars were a few new faces like Alan MacClean, Andrew and Matthew Duquette, Frank Strauss, and Jimmy Blakeney. Welcome to the Hill, guys!

After doling out the new tags made by Jim Bobka, we headed out for some golf in some near-perfect weather - warm and breezy. As karma would have it, Jim shot a 58 and ended up going home with #1 this week. Close behind him were John Rodenhizer, Pete Tolvanen, and Chuck Gerbrands with 59s.

Congrats to Jimmy Blakeney for getting the CTP on hole 1. No aces were recorded, so the pot rolls over to next week.

And thank you to Marcy for sacrificing her round to go back and start tallying up the scores so we could get everyone home on time for dinner!
  • More photos are on our website. (see)

  • 1 Jim Bobka 58 ($15)
  • 2 John Rodenhizer 59 ($6)
  • 3 Pete Tolvanen 59 ($5)
  • 4 Chuck Gerbrands 59 ($5)
  • 5 John Borelli 60
  • 6 Frank Strauss 60
  • 7 Pete Nevius 62
  • 8 Alan MacLean 63
  • 9 Mike Connell 63
  • 10 Luke Adolph 64
  • 11 Jimmy Blakeney 67
  • 12 Brian McNulty 67
  • 13 Andrew Duquette 70
  • 14 Dave Mallen 72
  • 15 Matt Duquette 72
  • 16 Marcy Buchanan DNF
  • CTP: Jimmy Blakeney ($16)
  • Ace pot: no one ($16)

Luke, John B, John R.

Chuck, Alan, Mike

Andrew, Matt, Brian, Frank

Pete, Dave, Jim, Jimmy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Wed. Weekly tonight!

Today is the first WW of 2009! See you at 4:15. Tee off at 4:30.

Sunny, 60 degrees. Will shorts and knobby knees make their debuts today?

Pre-reg check up

If you have registered online the past few days and do not see your name on the pre-reg list, please let me know. We sometimes do not get the notification.

**We are full** Wait list filling up next.

Love seeing all the newer golfers as well as some of the region's top Pros.

Pro Open
  • Gary Cyr
  • Phil Vilmorin
  • David Frothingham
  • Kyle Enman
  • Bear Dunn
  • Johnny Betts
  • Tim Walsh
  • Shaun LaForce
  • Matt Stroika
  • Greg Wintrob
  • Josh Connell
  • Aaron Ala
  • Mike Dussualt
  • James Lane
  • Dan Ouellet

Pro Women
  • Anne Lewis

Pro Master
  • Scott Scoontar Selders
  • Jim Wills

Pro Grandmaster
  • Bob Enman
  • Ken Gary
  • Rick Williams
  • Rich Fenton
  • Bradley Arnall
  • Michael Connell

Adv Masters
  • Alan Rosa
  • JC Vermynck
  • Paul Sullivan
  • Ed Hovestadt
  • Paul Rashaw
  • James Beaulieu
  • Brian McNulty
  • Gary Stansfield
  • Jim Bobka
  • Matty Brier

  • Jimmy Blakeney
  • Donnie Phillips
  • Chuck Gerbrands
  • Andrew Fraioli
  • Peter Tolvanen
  • Ben Parker
  • Ryan Payzant
  • Rob Tatro
  • Joel Foster
  • John Tserpes
  • Greg Aucoi
  • Arty Graustein
  • Joe Atwood

Advanced Women
  • Heather Eng
  • Michelle Ala

  • Pete Nevius
  • Alan MacLean
  • Luke Adolph
  • Matt Duquette
  • Dave Mallen
  • John Rodenhizer
  • Josh Rappeport
  • Tim Griskus
  • Andy Powell
  • Marc LaPointe
  • Eric LaPointe
  • Abel Rodrigues
  • Andrew Duquette
  • Dominic Trione

Intermediate Women
  • Mindy Atwood

  • Dave Townsend
  • Sam Misuraca
  • Jeremy Travis
  • Matt Muller
  • Tim Seiger
  • Matthew Livermore
  • Chris Carr
  • Zane Atwood

An extra helping of tree love goes to these hole sponsors.
  • Bucharelli dogs (Aspen, Duncan, Neena, Sky, Smokey) - 9
  • Pete Nevius - 18
  • Luke Adolph - 13
  • Ed Hovestadt - 1
  • Jeremy Travis - 3
  • Phil Vilmorin - 14
  • Matt Stroika -
  • Matthew Livermore -
  • Bradley Arnall -
  • Gary Stansfield -
  • Rob Tatro (Hunt for a Cure PDGA C-Tier/NEFA tourney, June 13) -
  • Dave James - 2 (Post-tourney poker host)
  • James Lane -
  • Chris Carr - 11

Wait List

  • John Mucciarone, AM1
  • Daniel Marcus, Pro Master?
  • Frank Straus, Adv Master
  • Mike Murphy, AM1
  • Bob Direnzo, AM1
  • Mark Valis, AM1
  • Justin White, AM1
  • Matt Heena, AM1
  • Matt DeAngelis, AM1
  • Keith Burtt, AM1
  • John Hart, Pro Master?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

King of Hill is half filled!

After only two weeks, the King of the Hill is half filled. Don't wait any longer to register or you may miss out on the only double NEFA points event in MA this year.
  • Sign up now, you monkey
  • Registrations accepted at the Wed. Weekly. Please have exact change or a check.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday Weekly tag league starts next week!

It's time for our second installment of the WW. This year we decided to make it a little more organized and give newer players a chance at going home with some cash.

There will be a weekly cash payout, a cash CTP, and an ace pot. But we all know the real reason we play is for that #1 tag, right?

Buying a tag saves you $2/week. Visiting non-taggers can still play and get in on the cash payout but can't compete for a tag.

  • Wednesdays, starting March 18
  • Meet at 4:25, ready to go at 4:30. Time will be pushed back with sunset.
Inital cost
  • $10 for '09 tag (a custom Bobka creation)
Weekly cost
  • Tagholder: $5 (2 payout, 1 CTP, 1 ace pot, 1 course)
  • Non-tagholder: $7 (2 payout, 1 CTP, 1 ace pot, 3 course)
The Fine Print
  • No handicaps
  • One round of singles
  • If you forget your tag, you must pay $7 and cannot compete for a tag that week. Sorry, it got too confusing last year trying to keep track of the forgetful golfers.
  • Tags are in play for casual rounds and tournaments. Higher tag can challenge a lower tag and under most circumstances, lower tag must accept.
  • Ace pot rolls over each week. If there are no aces for 2009, half goes to the course maintenance/insurance fund and half goes to the 2010 WW ace pot.
  • There will be a year-end Bag Tag Bonanza to end the season.
  • Devens shirts will be available for tag holders at a discounted rate later this summer.
Tags can be purchased day-of starting next Wed. or you can send me a check or PayPal $11 using the button on our blog or website.

See you on the Hill!

Monday, March 09, 2009

An ace or maybe two?

When you wait a couple years to get your first ace, why not get one and then follow it up with another? That was almost the case yesterday when Pete Nevius hit his first career ace on hole 9 and then came damn close to hitting hole 10 too! It was a pretty amazing 5 minutes of disc golf.

We were playing doubles on a beautiful late-winter afternoon when Pete stepped up on hole 9 (145 ft) and tossed a gentle hyzer down the Hill into the basket. I was standing directly behind him and knew instantly that he was golden. Crash! Pete turned around, grinned, and put his arms in the air while the rest of us went crazy. After about 15 seconds I think it finally hit him and a full smile broke through.

Next on hole 10 (215 ft), Pete launches a hammer down the Hill. It twists like a corkscrew and lands on edge in front of the basket, bounces up, hits the top of the basket, twirls around a few times on top, falls, catches the rim of the basket, and does a little balancing act before falling to the ground. Unbelieveable! Almost two in a row!

Pete later confessed the secret to his success -- duct taped boots!

That ace was good enough to keep Rob and him in a tight match between Phil and Donnie all the way to extra innings. Phil and Donnie won after a park job on 1 by Donnie.

  1. Donnie/Phil - 50 ($40)
  2. Pete/Rob - 50 ($10)
  3. Dave/Joe - 53
  4. John/Mark - 55
  5. Kari/Nate/Kindred - 67
Sunday's Socialites

Phil goes for the long putt on 3. Pete and Rob think bad thoughts.

Gizmo spots on hole 3




Monday, March 02, 2009

King of the Hill - April 18

This one is sure to sell out since it is a double NEFA points event, so don't wait to register.

Don't let today's snowstorm fool you, Spring is coming!