Thursday, May 29, 2008

See what you're missing

I really wanted to take a lot of photos last night at the Weekly, but my camera crapped out again. Luckily I had my cheapo minicam with me, so I shot a few videos just so you non-locals can see what you are missing.

Why we call it the Hill -- Walking up 14

Donnie flicks up 17

Dave boinks a tree on 18

John cuts it too early on 18

WW Results

Another beautiful evening on the Hill and another record turnout of 14 players. Yeah baby!

Results (Score/Previous)
  • #1 Dave J: 58/3
  • #3 Mike C: 59/1
  • #4 Pete T: 59/?
  • #5 Rob W: 60/?
  • #6 Arty G: 62/?
  • #8 Donnie D: 62/8
  • #12 John B: 62/13
  • #13 Pete N: 62/19
  • #14 Jim B: 63/4
  • #15 Luke A: 68/20
  • #18 Josh: 69/14
  • #19 Dan: 69, 15
  • #20 Brent (no show)
  • Mike: 69
  • Eric: 90
CTP Winners:
  • Pete T: Adult beverage glass courtesy of Prime Discs
  • Pete N: Pint of Adult beverage courtesy of Dave James
FFP Winner:
  • Donnie D: Bag of NY Yankees peanuts courtesy of Jim Bobka

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Pretty Social Sunday

Someone famous once said, "If you play for money, they will come." Well, that's what happened Sunday at the Social.

Earlier in the week, Dave announced that from now on we'd be playing for $7 each, with 5 going to the pot, 1 to the Sunday Ace Pot, and 1 to the course. He even has a spiffy payout table and everything to make it official.

This chance t0 win "big" money evidently worked and we had our largest Sunday turnout yet -- 11 golfers. In reality, it may have been because it was a holiday weekend and absolutely gorgeous out, but we won't tell Dave that.

Mike Connell (playing Cali) continued his domination of the Hill by tying for first with Gags and KenG. They decided to split the pot instead of playing any playoff holes. Gags' son, EvanG, and MarcyB stepped up and played from the long tees and did pretty well too!

Here's how we stacked up:
  • Gags/Ken: 52 ($28)
  • Mike/cali: 52 ($27)
  • RobW/JohnB: 55
  • EvanG/PeteN: 57
  • John/DaveJ: 59
  • SteveW/MarcyB: 69
  • I forget who won, but thanks Gags for the Buzz and Dave for the rubber exercise tubing!
See everyone tonight at League. Tags still available. We'll have some nice CTPs up for grabs -- booze and a booze glass.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Girls Scouts Hit the Hill!

EDIT: Not sure why this never posted back in April, but here it is now. Sorry about that!

Our resident tour guide and youth sports coach, Dave James, filed this report a few weeks ago. Sorry it took so long for me to post it, girls!
On Sunday April 6, I met up with nine Girl Scouts and three adults for a tour of the Hill. Sarah M., Sarah U., Rachel, Gina, Tess, Claudia, Sophie, Katie, Trish, and I played holes 1-5 and then 15-18 from the short tees.

They showed great enthusiasm and eagerness to do better on each hole and their laughs were heard throughout the course.

Best of all they had a fun time outdoors trying a new activity!

As we walked out, the hot topic was where to get discs and talk of returning another day. Expect to see them on the hill another day!
Dave is available for group tours and demos. Feel free to email Dave for more info.

Friday, May 23, 2008

WW Results

The course was busy for a Wednesday night. Besides us Bag Taggers, there were a few kids out there with Mom and Dad and a class from the Mt Wachusett Community College ESL program (led by friend of DDGC, Katrina Folger). They got a little wet, but were smiling none-the-less! Thanks for coming out, guys!

As for league, we had another good turnout with 8 (including new guy Josh). It was kinda weird out there with the dark threatening rain clouds and spots of sunshine, but the rain held off until the last hole thankfully.

  • 2. Newbie Marcy continues to improve and shoots another personal best even though we moved the girlie tees back on a few holes - 54.
  • 13. JoBo - even with two absolutely ugly 6s, I shot a 58. I love my new May Madness Avenger SS!
  • 14. New guy Josh has got some skillz - 61
  • 17. Donnie did not get much tree love - 64
  • 19. Pete had a great back nine - 64
  • 20. Luke - still sad about his APO Rd 2 blowup - 65
  • 21. Brent - lost his mojo - 72
  • Dan - 61 (forgot his tag)
CTP hole 5: Vibram Open t-shirt donated by Dave J (Donnie)
CTP hole 10: Bag of coffee donated by Donnie (Dan)

We'd love to see some of the lower tags come back to play every now and then. Where are you #5 Tim?! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bag tagging this weekend

A few of us Hillfolk played in two tournaments this weekend; Arty, Tommy, and I played at Pyebrook and Luke, Pete, Gags, and I played in Amesbury yesterday.

Gags is the hero of the weekend after finishing in a four-way tie for first in Advanced Masters (I think he ended up 4th after a few playoff holes). Nice job, Chris! I'll claim Goat of the Weekend by throwing a double-circle 8 at Amesbury, effectively taking me out of the running after only the fourth hole. Ack!

As far as tags go, on Saturday Arty traded up 10 tags by beating me by a stroke to take #6. On Sunday Luke had me worried with a smoking 51 in Rd 1, but I held him off in Rd 2. I haven't seen the final scores, but I think I squeaked by Gags by one. Pete drops to BOB.

I'm glad we started this tag thing at Devens. I like having the added level of competition and bragging rights each time we play. Now at #16, I've got some work to do on Wednesday. Watch out, suckas!

And thanks John Campos for your donation on Saturday. That was an unexpected way to start my day! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Last night, my dogs were tearing around the backyard so I broke out my cheapo mini-camera to capture it for when I am old and gray. Then I had the brilliant idea to film myself and see what I looked like putting.

This clip came out exceptionally cool, especially the audio. Check it out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Bobka Creation

Metal magician Jim Bobka has designed us some prototype tee box markers. Plans are to reverse the current design so that the letters and numbers are black on a yellow background.

They will be held in the ground by a long metal rod inserted through the marker and attached with some sort of bolt.

Thanks for volunteering to make these, Jimbo! Jim also made our custom trophies and keychains last year. Get some for your course!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Ace on 9!

Hole 9 has tied hole 2 as the most-aced hole on the course with Donnie Disc Golf's ace Sunday at the Social. Nice job, Donnie!

Donnie joins Tommy G and Ken G with Hole 9 aces. When I first designed the hole, I was sure that it would become the most-aced hole out there at only 145 ft, but it's taken a while.

Donnie joins me as the second known two-time ace tosser at Devens; he also aced hole 2 last Fall.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

WW Results

We had another good turnout and two new tags that joined the league: Brent/17 and Gags/18. I also realized that some short tees are just too short for league play, so we will be adding mid-length tees soon on 3 and 18 specifically.

We played the TMT on 18. Arty, Donnie, Jim, and PeteT handled their tee shots well. I think Arty said he three-d it, which is pretty friggin impressive! I flubbed it with a 6 and lost my #2 tag right there. Hole 18 proves to be a round-killer once again!

I don't remember the new numbers or scores offhand, but will update later:
  • Donnie: shoots a scorching personal best 53 and keeps #1
  • Marcy: 56 (personal best from short tees)
  • JimBob: 59
  • Pete T: 59 (had some bad rolling-putting luck on 18)
  • John: 60
Not sure of the order for the other group:
  • Arty
  • PeteN
  • Brent
  • Gags
Pete N won both CTPs: a poster for Lifestyle condoms (which is fast becoming the unofficial condom of the Hill going by some trash we found out there recently) and a pile of scrap wood donated by Bobka. Pete kept the poster claiming it would look great in his living room. Me thinks his wife won't think so.

Since Sunday is Mother's Day, some of us won't be at the Social.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Whew! What a weekend at the course.

Huge thanks to TM, Nate, Ken, and Marcy for helping out Sat. in the drizzly, raw weather. Also thanks to Arty and Tom who got there at my original morning time -- sorry for the mix-up and we'll get you next time. Nut also stopped by and dragged some brush. Great turnout!

We got a bunch of stuff done and some holes look totally different.
  • Hole 12: Two lower fairways are now defined with removal of two larger trees. Bushy pine cleared at top of hole just off tee and now suckers you into throwing wide.
  • Hole 7: My favorite little pine tree at the ridge curve is gone. This changes the look from the tee and makes you think you should throw straight instead of to the right. Also thinned out the area on the left before the boulder, and better-defined the path to hole 8 and tried to block off the original one. Please use the new path!
  • Hole 10: Snipped some low-lying brush on the left of the fairway.
  • Hole 16: Removed large tree on top tier so it is now wide open to the bottom. TM and Nate also started building some stairs down the right side of the hill. Please use them!
  • Hole 17: Cleaned up downed branches and other crap.
  • Home 18: Created a new super-secret Pro tee, christened "TMsT". This could be our first genuine par 4 hole. It's pretty friggin' awesome.
Then we played a round, went home, and collapsed only to return 14 hrs later for the Social. I am pooped.

And for those wondering when we are going to put up the tee and sponsor signs, rest assured that they are in the works and we hope to get them up by Summer.

Making some stairs on 16

TM and one of his Implements of Destruction

Nate shows off his two new disc bags he found in the woods

And it also works as a stool. What a concept!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Implements of Destruction

Good news! TM just called and is coming up with his "Implements of Destruction" to help cut down a few trees this afternoon. We are meeting at noonish. Yahoo!

We could use a few hands to help. The more the merrier.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Work, work, play

I'm planning on working on the course Sat afternoon, probably around 12 or so. You should to.

If you play the course, I'd appreciate the help. If you play the course and don't want to help, then how about clicking that Paypal donate button instead? Our insurance bill thanks you in advance.

I've got a few trees marked for death on 7 and I want to clean up 17. I'll probably play a few holes after because I do not want to be a dull boy.

Look for my blue pickup truck in the parking lot and then follow the cries of "Timber!"