Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trying out Hole 6

The first two lefties at the Hill, Rick (in blue) and Pete huck one down Hole 6.

Hole 6

We easily found two tees for this hole, each with a slightly different view of the pin. It's another nice fairway down an old road with a slight S-curve.

The teepad is back-to-back with teepad 4. We all threw this hole and scored 3s.

Hole 5

Hole 5 is a straight shot up and over a small hill (crowned by a low-profile rock of course) and then another 100 ft or so to the basket nestled among the trees and boulders.

The second photo was taken just past the top of the hill on the other side of the rock.

Although this is a pretty level hole, it puts you back at the top of the hill near the teepad for Hole 4.

Hole 4

This is a nice long, gradual downhill shot that takes a major left turn up to a huge crop of boulders. The basket will be set precariously near the edge of the rocks or somewhere in the fairly-open area at the base of the rocks.

This view is from the bottom of the road looking up at the teepad. The basket is to the right of where I am standing to take the picture.

This view is from the same spot, but turned right to view the path to the basket.

And here's a closer look at the basket.

Hole 3

Pete marks the tee for Hole 3. This hole goes across the hill straight through the gap, over the rocks to a small alley clearing.

That orange thing to the left is Pete's homemade Home Depot bucket object basket marking the old Hole 2 basket. I think we'll be making a bunch of these to use when it's time to actually start testing the layout. It's a great idea.

Layout 1-8: Take 2

This morning Pete T, Rick H, and I met at the Hill to revisit my first stab at the course layout. Pete quickly added a fresh perspective to the whole thing and had a number of good suggestions. Rick brought along his GPS unit and plotted out roughly where tee pads and baskets were located.

We ended up moving Hole 1 closer to the road and scratched original H1 and H2 since we entered the woods in a different direction. In the end, we added some space between holes, lengthen a few holes, and marked the tees and baskets with yellow surveyor's tape. I had to leave early, so Pete and Rick agreed to scout out Holes 8 and 9 and try to make them end near the path that runs along the edge of the property and ends up at the parking area.

Overall, another successful day on the course!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Laying Out Holes 1-8

Today Brian and I headed over to the Hill to begin mapping out some holes. We picked out 8 potential holes; a few short, a few medium, and two long, and all either up or down the Hill. I went back and played 1 and 2 and think that we may have to combine them (1 turned out to be really short).

It was pretty fun starting with an empty canvas, but because it is so wooded and it was only our second time out there, it was hard to tell if we had used the land efficiently. Our biggest challenge I think will be to get Hole 9 to end near Hole 1, and in the future Hole 18 end near holes 9 and 1. The overall shape of the land is causing problems, but I'm going to let it roll around in the back of my head for a while and hopefully something will make sense.

This is the beginning of hole 2. The pin will be past that big rock at the top of the hill and over to the left about 60 feet.