Sunday, March 05, 2006

Layout 1-18, Take 2

Here is our latest layout, a complete 18 holes and plenty of room to grow into (click photo to enlarge). Some holes may look close, but are separated by cliffs, valleys, large trees, or major elevation changes. All lengths are approximate.

The Nut Front Nine
After a short walk from the parking and practice area, you'll see Hole 1, a hole that quickly introduces you to the dangers of the Hill: trees, rocks, and lots of up and down. You start to wish your legs were in better shape.
  1. 240 ft. The only open field shot on the course, at least for about the first 150 ft. Then it is into the trees. Straight mostly level shot with potentially evil downhill and rocks around basket.
  2. 200 ft. A straight shot, slightly uphill through tight tree alley. Opens a bit around basket.
  3. 330 ft. Downhill along an old road with a dogleg left at the bottom up to a bunch of boulders. Many second shots will be obscured by big rocks as you look up. Basket is positioned behind skinny trees on edge of cliff. High-risk, high-reward putting this one if you end up on the wrong side of the basket.
  4. 280 ft. Another tight alley shot through trees, up and over a rock outcropping. Basket on rock ledge about 80 ft beyond rock outcropping.
  5. 340 ft. A nice long level gentle right-turning fairway along the old road. Very cool rock ledge along left side.
  6. 350 ft. Another shot up the road except this one is straighter and tighter. Opens up a bit at the end. Basically flat with slight up elevation.
  7. 310 ft. The tee pad is an elevated old cement foundation probably used for an antenna. Remnants of an old building are nearby. This hole requires some major clearing to create a defined fairway down the hill through the trees. It doglegs right to the basket which will be somewhere behind a huge boulder in a fairly big opening. I've seen two big deer here the past two times I've been out there.
  8. 266 ft. This is an interesting-looking hole up through a valley of rock ledge. It's a fairly straight shot up a gradual hill. You must shoot the gap to get to the basket in the opening. The ledge is at least 30-ft high on each side.
  9. 130 ft. This could be one of two ace runs. It's a short downhill throw off a cliff with a tree smack-dab in the middle of the preferred flight path near the tee box. Should be a fun hole.

    Borelli Back Nine
  10. 240 ft. Another possible ace run, but longer than 9. A gradual straight downhill shot but with less trees.
  11. 240 ft. You'll tee off an elevated tee box near the bottom of the hill and throw across the hill parallel to an old road and fence (both of which will be OB) toward the basket which is below you. This is a fairly open hole with scattered trees.
  12. 157 ft. A short uphill hole but with a very tight fairway (you've got to throw through a gateway of four trees). There's some major elevation change and lots of trees. Could be deceivingly hard.
  13. 200 ft. Another uphill fairway, although not as steep or punishing as 12, along an old game trail. Fairly tight entry point to putting area which is in an open area (some annoying scrub brush).
  14. 240 ft. Back on the road. This hole is a straight level shot along the road. It drops away to the right into some brush and trees, and goes up on the left. Nothing too bad about this hole (unless you catch a tree of course). Basket is near Teepad 6.
  15. ~280 ft. (Haven't measured yet). The tee pad is alongside a very cool rock cliff. The hole follows the ridge down to the basket as it slopes gently to the right. If you hit a tree and go right, you'll end up in a deep canyon which could spell trouble.
  16. ~250 ft. (Haven't measured yet). Throwing back down the hill, but at an angle across it, over a valley. Trees galore.
  17. ~200 ft. (Haven't measured yet). Throwing back up and across the hill at an angle between a couple of trees.
  18. ~280 ft. (Haven't measured yet). And back down the hill toward the old road and fence (OB). With plenty of trees to make you think.