Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WW is on for tonight

The rain has stopped! See you tonight at 4:30. $5.

You can order your bagtag too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sun brings 'em out for WW Spring training

A beautiful sunny day brought out a good crowd Wednesday for the second week of Spring training. We're up to 20 tag holders now after just two weeks and I think we are going to have a pretty big league this year!

We played singles and it looks like some AM2s from last year are ready to make a run at the big boys this year. That's great to see!
  • Daniel Marcus 54

  • Luke Adolph 56

  • Jimmy Blakeney 57

  • Tim Walsh 57

  • Pete Tolvanen 58

  • John Borelli 60

  • Mike Connell 60

  • Ed Hovestadt

  • Brian Anderson 61

  • Rob Walker 62

  • Bob Burdett 62

  • Josh X 65

  • Rick Hobbs 67

  • John Rodenhizer 69

  • Jeff Cooper 69

  • Tim Seiger 70 18

  • Steve Walker 74

  • Trenton Solomon 75

  • Mike Clement 77

Check out some photos here or click on the slideshow below.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Devens discs are in!

I came home today to find a couple boxes from Innova sitting in the driveway. Yep, our very first Devens Disc Golf discs have arrived!

Get your very own Devens disc for $10 or for free when you buy a 2010 Devens bag tag. Choose from a DX Roc or DX Aviar driver. I think they look pretty nice, but I may be a bit biased.

We'll be teeing off at 4:30 today at the Wednesday Weekly. Don't forget a St. Paddy's CTP or Skills Challenge prize. Half-eaten corned beef sandwiches don't count!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Congrats to the King and Queen of the Hill!

Hill yeah! There's been a disc golf wedding!

Marcy and I got married yesterday, officially forming the new and improved Killer B Borelli's!

Congratulations to us! :-)

We thought about getting married on our hole 9 at Devens, but since Bobka hasn't installed that hot tub yet that I've been asking for, we decided on a great inn on Lake Winnipesaukee instead.

If the blog isn't updated over the next few weeks, you'll know why -- we'll be disc golfing in the sunny Caribbean!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Season is starting up; join the PDGA and NEFA!

If you love disc golf, why not join the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) or the New England Flying Disc Association (NEFA)?

Your membership helps continue to build the sport both locally and nationally as well as support efforts to attract sponsorship, spectators, and media coverage.

When you join either group, you'll get a lifetime membership number. The PDGA offers a free disc, a subscription to Disc Golfer magazine, and other benefits. If you play any PDGA-sanctioned events, you'll also get an official rating and over time see how you've gotten better.

NEFA members can participate in the NEFA Points Series and earn points at specific tournaments.
  • Join the PDGA now under the "Refer-a-Friend" program (use my PDGA number 23492 and I will donate my credits to the course)
  • Join NEFA now to qualify for all NEFA points series events this year.
I've been a PDGA member for nine years and a NEFA for probably ten. It is fun to look back at how my PDGA rating has gone up over the years. In 2004, my rating was 783 and is now up to 937. The goal of course is to be a 1000+ rated golfer, but since that is usually where the top touring pro players sit, I doubt I'll ever get there!

I am currently the MA state rep for NEFA, so feel free to contact me with an questions about NEFA or disc golf in New England.

Spring training WW style

Ten golfers and one caddy showed up on our first Wednesday Weekly league night. Seven tags were purchased and Steve Walker announced that now that he holds #3, we won't be seeing him for a while!

Since it is Spring training and sunlight was at a premium, we played random doubles for fun. Ken and Dan had the hot round with six deuces and just one 4 on hole 18. Nice job guys!
  • Ken G/Dan F - 49
  • John B/Frank S - 52
  • Andy D/Steve W - 52
  • Luke A/Mike C - 53
  • Rob W/Bob B - 54
Sunset is at 6:52 PM next week, so let's start at 4:30. Bring a St. Patrick's Day CTP!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wed. Weekly starts this week

Our Wednesday weekly tag league starts this week on March 10 at 3:45. $5 each week gets you two player pools, cash payout, cash CTPs, an ace pot, and the ever-popular Skills Challenge.

2010 bag tags will be available in a few weeks for $20 and include a custom Devens disc this year.

Support your course, have some fun, meet some locals, and earn some bragging rights each week at the WW!

Friday, March 05, 2010

KOH2 is full

Ok, we are officially full. It took just over 48 hrs to fill. Wow! Thanks everyone.

To be added to the wait list, you must still register online. Posting here, calling us, or emailing us will not get you on the wait list. We will issue refunds minus the $2 PayPal fee after the event. Thank you.

One spot left!

Who's going to get it?

Wait List
To be added to the wait list, you must still register online. Posting here or emailing us will not get you on the wait list. We will issue refunds minus the $2 PayPal fee after the event. Thank you.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

10 spots left as of 9 PM Thursday

We got 25 more registrations in today. That leaves just 11 available spots. Could we blow away all of our previous records and sell out in less than three days? Tune in tomorrow and find out.

What a day!

Wow, what a first day! 37 golfers registered on day 1. That makes us more than half-full and leaves just 35 spots open.

We got a nice sampling of northern New England golfers from ME, VT, NH, and MA. Maybe we'll get some of you CT and RI folks Thursday.

I'll be computer-less for much of the day tomorrow, so there will be few if any updates. If by chance we overfill because I haven't been able to close the store, we will put you on the wait list and hold your payment for a bit in case people drop out. Or, you can request it back and get off the waitlist.

Hill Yeah!

If you are not linked in to DiscGolfScene, email me the email address you use there. If your PDGA number is not listed, email it to me. Be sure you are active by April 16!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

KOH2 registration is now open!

Hurry up! Time's a wasting! Register now!

Devens King of the Hill 2
sponsored by the Devens Grill

Saturday, April 17
Devens, MA
TD Marcy Borelli

Two rounds of singles, 72 golfers max
8:00 - Sign in
9:00 - Players meeting
9:30 - Shotgun start

We are stepping up to a PDGA C-tier this year and will once again be a NEFA points event. You do not have to be a PDGA or NEFA member to play. Last year we sold out in just over 2 weeks, so register now!

Entry Fees
PDGA members subtract $10. You must be a current PDGA member as listed on on April 16 to receive the discounted rate. Includes $2 PDGA, $1 NEFA, and $2 admin fees
  • $55 Pros - Open, Women, Masters, Grandmasters
  • $30 AMs - Advanced, Advanced Women, Adv Masters, Intermediate, Intermediate Women, Rec
  • $2 ace pot (optional)
  • Add $5 for day-of registration

Players Packs
  • All AMs get a KOH-series disc, t-shirt, and bag of goodies worth more than your entry fee.
  • All Pros get a bag of goodies.
  • Extra KOH discs and shirts will be available for purchase.

  • There will be a bunch of CTPs. Donations welcome.
  • All Pro are playing for close to 100% cash payout minus fees.
  • All AMs are playing for a sweet custom KOH trophy. There will be no funny money. You're getting a great disc, shirt, and other stuff worth more than your entry fee.

Sponsor a Hole, Win a DISCatcher Traveler
We're giving away one DISCatcher Traveler Disc Golf Targets ($125 value) to a very appreciated sponsor.

You can even name the hole after your favorite MJ song, album, wife, or paparazzi moment!
  • $25 - Choose your starting hole for Round 1 and get one entry in the sponsor-only drawing.
  • $40 - Choose your Rd 1 starting hole for you and a friend and get two entries in the sponsor-only drawing. Per PDGA rules, you and your friend must be in the same division, however.

Lunch and 10% off
Tournament sponsor the Devens Grill will be taking lunch orders during check-in. Please thank them for supporting disc golf on Devens by ordering lunch.

They are also offering 10% off your lunch or dinner bill at the Grill on Fri, Sat, and Sun if you mention that you are playing or have played in the KOH. Smile

  • We plan on reserving a block of rooms at course sponsor Marriott Suites that is two minutes away.
  • Ayer Motor Inn is 3 minutes away. Nothing too fancy.
  • There is a KOH campground about 5 miles away on Rt 110/2A in Littleton, but they may not be open yet.
  • We can probably find you a sofa to crash on at a local's house.

  • If you can't make it, let us know on or before April 10 and you'll get everything but $2 back.
  • If you let us know after April 10, you'll get 50% back if there is no one from the wait list to take your spot.
  • If you do not show on game day, you won't get anything back or get a players pack (even if you send an email or call that morning). Thank you for sponsoring the KOH!

  • Register now
  • Registration is online only via PayPal.
  • You can pay with a credit card through PayPal.
  • Be sure to add your PDGA and NEFA numbers to the "Add special instructions to merchant" field during checkout.

Contact John or Marcy Borelli at 978-433-6133 or email us.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

King of the Hill 2 - registration opens soon.

Our biggest tournament of the year is coming April 17! King of the Hill sold out in just over two weeks last year so don't miss out!

We've bumped up to PDGA C-tier sanctioning and will again be part of the NEFA points series.

Plus, we've lowered AM entry fees and increased the players pack!

Will you be King of the Hill? Sign up and see. Hill yeah!