Sunday, December 04, 2011

That's it for the Devens blog

Because I moved to Georgia and opened Killer B Disc Golf down here, I really have no idea what is going on with my course at Devens anymore. So, it's time to close the book on the Devens disc golf blog.

I'm not sure what the guys have in mind for a new website or blog, but it'll be over on

Hope you enjoyed the past six years of posts and pics. It was a lot of fun to write and I love seeing all the changes, improvements, events, and faces that have helped make our course what it is today!

Hill Yeah, Devens!

- John Borelli

PS. If you still need a Borelli bloggin' fix, head over to my store website and the Killer B blog.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New items added to the store.

Visit Killer B Disc Golf's new online store. Grab some old Devens shirts and a lot of new Killer B stuff.
  • Killer B Facebook fans get good deals on Monday!

Chuck getting downtown crazy

Killer B minis, Aviars, Vulcans, Teebirds, Sidewinders

First run Vibram Ibex

First run Innova Star TeeDevil

Friday, November 18, 2011

Killer throws at the Hill require Killer discs

Check out Killer B's new online store featuring the latest batch of Killer B discs, shirts, and Vibram discs!

Support one of the guys who brought you Devens Disc Golf course. He'd like that. And pick up some trash the next time you play a round too. Everyone would like that.

We'll be adding more stuff like shirts soon. I even have a few leftover Devens "Hill Yeah" long-sleeve shirts that should make it up on the site.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Bag Tag Bonanza time!

It's our end-of-year Devens tag league finale!
  • Sunday, November 6
  • Two rounds of singles
  • Sign in by 9:15am 
  • Tee off at 9:30am 
  • Entry Fee - $5 for 2011 Devens tagholders
  • A & B pool divisions 
If you are not a Devens 2011 tagholder, you can still come to play IF you attended a 2011 league. You are only eligible to win the payout for the day, the CTP prizes, or the money contributed to the ace pot on the day of the event.
  • Registration - Post here or let Luke A. know if you intend to come.
  • Lunch - BYO
  • CTPs - There will be a few, but bring some if you won anything this year, please. 
  • Ace Pot - If no one hits an ace at league between now and the end of the bonanza tag holders, will throw off for half of the ace pot paying out the closest 3 throws. Only tag holders will be able to participate in this throw off. The other half will go to the course.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

More new tee pads for you!

Thanks to the dedicated volunteer crew who showed up for the workday on Saturday, all holes now have boxed-in rubber teepads, including this awesome launch pad on hole 8. Wow!

We have an awesome course and even awesomer volunteers! Yep, I said awesomer.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Even Vikings need help sometime

We need a few experienced disc golfers to help run this event and teach the newbs. Email Donnie P for more information and if you can help.

Hey Devens league members -- come on out and play and get ready for the Bag Tag Bonanza!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Workday – Saturday, October 15

We will be running a workday at Devens on Saturday, October 15 to install tee pads on the remaining holes (14 & 17) and to build a tee box on hole 8 which will also get a tee pad.

We also need to spruce up some of the pads already laid down and maybe do a little general course cleanup as well.

Starts at 9am.

Helpful tools to bring:

A pick up truck (for hauling material around the course)

Please attend if you have enjoyed Devens and have some spare time that morning.

If enough people come to help we can get through these projects quickly and can get some lunch (pizza courtesy of Devens) and then play some random doubles!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Donnie Disc Golf dominates Rindge!

Congratulations to local hero Donnie Disc Golf Phillips for taking home the Advanced title at Hunts Mean 18 this weekend in Rindge, NH. Donnie shot an incredible 48 in round 2 and hit hole 8 for an ace! Yeah boy!

Congrats also to Ken Gary for taking down Pro Grandmasters and the rest of the Devens crew who once again spanked Rindge. Hill Yeah! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Course damaged by Irene

Hurricane Irene left her mark on the course this weekend. The biggest hit was on hole 14 where a large tree snapped and took out two other trees and landed on the tee pad and path. The sign and tee pad did not suffer any damage.

Hole 10 has a large branch down to the right of the basket and a tree fell across fairway 18. There are downed smaller branches throughout the course.

Be a good golfer and toss any branches deep off the fairway and help us clean up the course.

Hole 10

Hole 18

Hole 14

Hole 14
The path to hole 14

The best disc golfers in the world are coming to MA this week!

Do yourself a favor and get your butt to Leicester, MA this week to watch the best disc golfers in the world compete in the Vibram Open at Maple Hill disc golf course.

Last year's Open winner, Nikko Locastro
Look in your bag and pull out a disc with a signature on it. Chances are good that that person will be at this event! Newly-crowned world champions Nate Doss and Page Pierce will be there, as well as former champs Nikko Locastro, Eric McCabe, Avery Jenkins, Valerie Jenkins, Dave Feldberg, and Barry Schultz.

The festivities start Thursday with Match Play and the Five Spot Tournament. The actual tournament starts Friday and runs through Sunday. Admission is free and there are all sorts of fun things to watch, especially the long distance contest. Bring a blank disc and a Sharpie and get some autographs too!
There will also be a special screening of the disc golf documentary Chains on Wed. night at 8:30. If you can't make it to the tournament, you'll be able to watch it live on DiscGolfPlanet.TV and keep up with live scoring and the blog which I'll be doing for the third year in a row. I'll post the link once everything is ready to go.

And who knows, maybe we'll get some pros to come to league the following week. We snagged Val, Avery, and Nate last year but it may be tough this year since I am moving away on Wed. but you never know!

We surprised our league members with a free pro clinic by Val, Avery, and Nate!

Monday, August 22, 2011

666 was fun. Thank you!

Thanks to all who came to the 666 Dubs Farewell and Fundraiser. It was great seeing everyone and best of all we raised close to $1100 for the James family! Disc golfers are awesome!

Luke and Donnie did a great job TDing their first event too. Maybe the King of the Hill will live on after all...

Here's a recap from TD Luke:

Devil Went Down to Georgia Tournament was a big success! Even the weather cooperated nicely until the very end of play and awards.

Thank you to every single one of the 58 players that came out yesterday in honor of Devens creator and mastermind John Borelli. We will all benefit from his hard work and dedication to the course for years to come. We know there were several events to chose from yesterday, two of which were PDGA events and one was a NEFA points event which speaks volumes to John's popularity around here. So, one last time, thank you for everything John. The Devens crew will miss you as a golfer and a friend! We wish you the best of luck down in Georgia.

Thank you as well to all those who donated to the James Family fund. We raised an amazing $1,077 yesterday for a wonderful local family that needed our help.

Donations went as follows:
  • $290 from entry fees
  • $125 from lunch
  • $40 from Patriots preseason game raffle
  • $72 from 50/50 ace pot
  • $550 from various donations
  • $1,077 total

CTP prize on hole 17 was a toy couch potato that farted donated by John Borelli and also won by John. I think he deferred to the 2nd place CTP winner, haha!

Ace Pot was not hit however I heard that youngster Kindred Atwood chained out on hole 11 and then his partner (his dad, Joe Atwood) chained out on the same hole right after him. Jon Gordon also chained out on hole 10 and there were a few other close calls as well. Bro team Andy and Matt Duquette won first and second for the CTP throw off for the ace pot.

Pro Open (paid out top 2 spots):
  • 1 - John Borelli/Donnie Phillips - 52, 55 - 107
  • 2 - Derek Brazauskas/Dave Richardson - 55, 53 - 108
  • 3 - Jim Bobka/Ken Gary - 54, 56 - 110
  • 4 - Jon Gordon/Keith Burtt - 62, 55 - 117

Century (paid out top spot):
  • 1 - T.M. Dyer/Bob DeCosta - 64, 60 - 124
  • 2 - Rob Walker/Steve Walker - 65, 70 - 135

Mixed (paid out top spot):
  • 1 - Joe Atwood/Kindred Atwood - 64, 60 - 124
  • 2 - Dave James/Carly James - 65, 75 - 140
  • 3 - Nick Roy/Sarah Kelley - 89, 85 - 174

AM1 (paid out top 3 spots):
  • 1 - Alex Gula/Sam Heller - 58, 53 - 111
  • 2 - Taylor Maslowski/Kevin Cline - 57, 55 - 112
  • 3 - Andy Duquette/Matt Duquette - 61, 56 - 117
  • 4 - Pete Nevius/John Rodenhizer - 61, 58 - 119
  • 5 - Matt LaDrodga/Mark Holt - 63, 61 - 124
  • 6 - Chris Brodeur/Micah Peach - 68, 67 - 135

AM2 (paid out top 7 spots):
  • 1 - Justin Vosteen/Jon Meadows - 64, 55 - 119
  • T2 - John Williams/Rick MacDonald - 60, 61 - 121
  • T2 - Nate Spear/Glenn Margeson - 63, 58 - 121
  • 4 - Josh St. Denis/Brian St. Denis - 65, 57 - 122
  • T5 - Bob Kulchuk/Bill Bertero - 63, 60 - 123
  • T5 - John Buansanto/Adam Stander - 66, 57 - 123
  • 7 - Joseph Collins/Patrick Johnson - 61, 65 - 126
  • T8 - Dean Onners/Dave Mullet - 64, 66 - 130
  • T8 - John Veltsos/Brian Austin - 65, 65 - 130
  • T8 - Bill Coor/Alex Graves - 66, 64 - 130
  • T8 - Jim Robinson/Erik Lindgren - 68, 62 - 130
  • 12 - Alex Lee/Chuck Tammaro - 71, 66 - 137
  • 13 - Jason Coppola/Tyler Saunders - 72, 68 -140
  • 14 - Bob Buckley/Gian Gioia - 68, 73 - 141 

Monday, August 01, 2011

666 Devil Went Down to Georgia Tourney - Aug 21

It's a going-away tournament for John!

Here's the info from Luke:

Donnie Phillips and Luke Adolph are co-TDing a tourney with a joint purpose. We would like to send Devens LEGEND John Borelli down to Georgia in style while raising some money for Dave James & his family.

Many of you know the Borelli story but here it is regardless! Marcy took a new job at PDGA headquarters in Appling, GA back in April and John has stayed behind in Massachusetts to tie up all the loose ends here. Well, the day is coming soon that John will rejoin his distant love in Georgia and leave us all behind.

John hinted a few times that we should throw him a going away tourney but I think we would have done it anyway even without his persistence! In all honesty, John has been an integral part of the Devens course and to the local disc golf scene and he will be missed by all of us.

We also thought that while we are all getting together to see John off to Georgia why not try and help a local disc golfer family at the same time! A couple of years ago John ran a tournament to raise money for Meg James, the daughter of Dave and Kari James. Meg had been diagnosed with Leukemia and we raised a decent amount of money which assisted the family with the obviously staggering bills and expenses.

Meg finished her treatment in May only to relapse in June. She is back in treatment now receiving chemo. Soon she will receive radiation and then a bone marrow transplant. The family is being as hopeful as possible but they could really use our support and positive thoughts.

Along with half of the money from the low entry fees going directly to the family we will also have a donation jar at the registration table. Please bring what you can to support them and consider donating any winnings.

Please join us on August 21st!

Devil Went Down to Georgia Tourney
  • Sunday, August 21st
  • Devens Disc Golf Course - Devens, MA
  • TDs: Donnie Phillips & Luke Adolph
  • Two rounds of 666 doubles, 36 teams max, 72 golfers
  • 8:15 - Sign in
  • 9:15 - Players meeting
  • 9:30 - Shotgun start
  • Complete info here

Entry Fees
  • $20 per doubles team, all divisions
  • Pro, AM1, AM2, Rec., Mixed & Century divisions offered
  • Day of registrations will be $25.00 per team with the additional $5.00 going directly to the James family.

  • Registration starts now. You can mail your payment to Luke or hand it to him or Donnie at Devens league on Wednesdays.

If mailing payment please include names of both team members & division (Check Payable to Luke Adolph):

Luke Adolph
3 Connell Drive
Tyngsboro, MA 01879

Thursday, July 28, 2011

And now a word from our sponsor....

Hey everyone, if you have a friend looking for a house, let them know about mine.

It just hit the market and is on a great piece of property in Pepperell, MA. I have great neighbors and room for 18 disc golf holes!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Disc Dilemma results

Congrats to winners Daniel Marcus (Pro), Donnie Phillips (AM1), John Williams (AM2), and Jonny Meadows (Rec)!

Daniel shot the hot round of the day with a 49! Lots of good scores out there and many personal bests.

More results and pix later.

Friday, July 08, 2011

2 discs of choice

Here are the discs the people who signed up online for the Two Disc Dilemma on Sunday are going to use. What about you?
  • #1 Hyzer, Classic Roc
  • 1) Money or Honey Rhyno 2) Buzz or Stalker
  • 150 TeeBird, Buzzzzz
  • Bolt and Fuse.
  • buzz and wizard

  • Buzz and Wolverine
  • buzz, wizard
  • Buzzz, Wizard
  • Champion Firebird, Buzz unless I lose one before the tourney
  • Classic Roc, Star Destroyer

  • Comet/Voodoo
  • Discraft Predator ESP FLX and my ol' trusty Gateway Supersoft Wizard
  • Don't know yet brah.
  • I know I will be using the boss and the spider.
  • I'm thinking Buzzz and Summit

  • Lattitude Spike & Discraft Buzzz
  • Leopard, Wiz
  • midrange & putter
  • Monarch and Shark
  • MS Aurora, Leopard

  • Orc and aviar
  • pro orc and frisbeedisc mid range
  • roc and a wizard
  • Sidewinder and a Roc
  • star dart, champion orc

  • striker, ridge
  • Vibram Ascent & VP
  • wizard buzz
  • Wraith And Roc

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Congratulations to Donnie Disc Golf Phillips for hitting hole 9 last night at league for $135! My group was about to tee off on 15 and was lucky enough to hear the ka-ching and Donnie's whooping after it.

Twenty minutes earlier when we were on hole 9, I was telling my group that league was due for another ace because it had been over 6 weeks from the last one. Spooky.

Nice job, Donnie!

PS. The course will be closed Sunday for the Two Disc Dilemma.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Course closed Sunday

Heads up! The course will be closed Sunday, July 10 until 6:00 PM for the Two Disc Dilemma. There are a few spots left, so stop by the store and sign up or risk it and pay $5 more on Sunday morning.

Thanks and pick up some trash for better golfing.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving sale

I'm moving and have lots of great stuff for sale. Email or call if you are interested in anything.

Pickup in Pepperell or Ayer at the store. Local delivery available.

PS. The course will be closed Sunday, July 10 for the Two Disc Dilemma tournament.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Donnie Disc Golf -- Newspaper star

I was flipping through Sunday's Lowell Sun this evening and look who I saw. Local Devens speed round legend, Donnie Disc Golf Phillips. He's the serious-looking grown-up in the tie.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Have you signed up for the Two Disc Dilemma yet?

The Devens Two Disc Dilemma is just under a month away. About 20 golfers have signed up and have already spent countless hours thinking about which two discs to use.

Going from the sign-up form, the disc of choice so far is the Buzzz. Can't say I disagree with that!

Friday, June 03, 2011

New old benches donated

Thanks goes out to an anonymous donor who dropped off four old benches for the course yesterday. This makes six total that he has donated so far, with more on the way. Thank you Donor X!

The big question is how long they will last without some loser writing on them? Bob was here and Amanda loves Pete. Who cares? I know it's real tough, but try to show some respect, people.

Now, who can help get these out on the course? Stop by the store if you can help.

Note: The store will be closed most of next week.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hail Yeah

League went on last night as the storms moved south of Devens. Hail did fall for about two minutes as we waited for the last card. I filmed this from inside the car while the other idiots stood out in it.

Let's hope our disc golf friends around the region made it through these horrible tornadoes as well.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

2 Disc Dilemma registration open to all

Head over to the Events page and sign up now!

This is a great event for first-timers or newer players. Low stress, high fun!

Stop by the store if you have any questions!

Early registration for Facebook fans opens now!

If you are a fan of Killer B Disc Golf on Facebook, you can sign up now for the 2 Disc Dilemma! Go now, my son!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tournament alert! Two Disc Dilemma

Leave your bag at home!

Devens Two Disc Dilemma
sponsored by Killer B Disc Golf & Devens Disc Golf

Sunday, July 10
Devens, MA
TD: John Borelli
  • Two rounds of singles, 72 golfers max
  • 8:30 - Sign in
  • 9:00 - Players meeting
  • 9:30 - Shotgun start

Entry Fees
  • $20 Pro
  • $10 AM1, AM2
  • $5 Rec
  • Add $2 for online reg.
  • Add $5 for day-of registration.
  • Cash payout for all divisions. No players pack.

  • BYO Lunch

2 Disc Dilemma Rules
  • Only two discs are allowed each round.
  • You can use different discs in round 2.
  • If you lose a disc during the round, you can only use your remaining disc.
  • If you lose both discs hopefully a competitor will let you borrow one to finish the round. If not your score for each remaining hole will be par plus four.

  • Registration starts Wed. June 1 at 10 AM at Killer B Disc Save $2 and register at league or pay with cash at the store.
  • You can pay with a credit card or use a PayPal account for online reg.

To get on the waitlist, you must still register. Emails, phone calls, and posts here will not save you a spot. If you don't make it in, we will refund your money after the event minus any PayPal fee.

Contact John Borelli at 978-433-6133 or email me.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Aaron Kaczowka is the latest member of the Ace Club. He drilled hole 11 today with a Star Boss flick up the middle. He was pretty happy about it and couldn't stop smiling. It is his third career ace. Nice job, Aaron!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disc golfers who litter should be ________.

Trash like beer cans, water bottles, food wrappers, bottle caps, and cigarette butts have increased dramatically at the course and that is really pissing me off. Especially the cigarette butts.

Please help keep our FREE course clean by doing one or both of these incredibly difficult things:
  • Don't litter. Pack out what you bring in. So simple.
  • Be a good human and pick up butts and trash. 
I've read several online reviews of the course over the years and one of the things that makes me happy is when I see comments like "the place is spotless!"

Let's not let the inconsiderate assholes out there ruin our course with their filth. If you are one of the inconsiderate assholes leaving behind your beer cans, bottles, and butts, please go play somewhere else.

Seeing 3-4 butts on the ground may be no big deal to most of you, but when you have invested so much time, energy, and love into the land like I have, it is a big deal. If you like the course show it some love, help keep it clean, and earn some good karma along the way.

I'm not saying pick up every bit you see, but a little goes a long way. Thank you.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Please stay off the soccer fields

Devens Rec has received complaints about golfers using the soccer fields to warm up. That is not allowed. Please stay off and let others know.
From Devens Rec: "... at no time are the field(s) to be used for practice or games. These field(s) are paid for by clients."

Yes, this stinks but Devens is very protective of their fields and we must respect that. They could always pull our lease and we'd end up with no course, so please find some other field to warm up in. Thank you.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Lost and found updated!

Every disc that has been turned into me or Killer B Disc Golf has been cataloged. If your disc is listed, email me or stop by the store to be reunited.
If you don't want your disc back, let me know that too and I will give it to a new player. Thanks.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Del Yeah!

Here's a variation on our course slogan. Mr. X stopped in at the store last week. Del Yeah!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hill Yeah!

Check out this great going-away present Jim Bobka made for Marcy. Hill Yeah!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally, an ace on 18!

Alan "Four Loko" MacLean aced hole 18 last night during league! Crazy. Here's how it happened in his words:
"Thanks. I RHBH'd my beat, beat DX Beast. Hyzer flipped the crap out of it. Over the ridge it was falling hard on it's right edge and at the rate it was falling it was looking like it would land early. When we walked over the ridge it was there. No one was around to tell how it hit. I wanted to know if it was a pure (unlikely), a bounce, or some crazy skip. Looking at the edge of the disc, there's a pretty big gash so I'm thinking I got a bounce off a rock right before the basket.

I'm so glad to finally get #2 under the belt. Some dismissed my other (#1 @ Pelham) because it was open, short, and so RHBH friendly. This one should be harder to dismiss... especially for a righty who can't flick. :) "

Monday, April 18, 2011

King of the Hill3 wrap-up

Well, that's another successful King of the Hill in the books. And if this does turn out to be the last one we run, what a way to go out. We had 3 aces yesterday! John Hart and Andy Allen hit hole 9 (Andy's first-ever ace) and Billy Dunne hit hole 2. There were also two deuces on hole 18. Wow!

It felt more like November than April out there with the wind and chilly temps, but at least the rain stayed away, right? Our streak continues

Good and Bad
I saw one golfer suffer two of the most evil roll-aways I've ever seen at Devens. No, it wasn't on hole 18, but 4 surprisingly. The poor guy went from a 3 to a 7, but kept on smiling. :)

Counteracting that badness, I saw another golfer throw a horrible drive off hole 16 that flipped early into the woods on the left but then somehow fought its way through the woods, caught an edge and rolled all the way down to within 10 ft of the basket. Crazy.

We had two golfers simply walk off the course and not finish Rd 2. Didn't even tell us they were leaving. I don't understand that...

Thank you sponsors!
Thank you to our event sponsors and hole sponsors. You're generosity helped us keep entry fees low and provide another great players pack including a custom Z-plastic disc, hat, shirt, stickers, reusable scorecard, and King size candy bar.

Volunteers kicks ass!
Thank you Sue Phillips (3x volunteer), John Rodenhizer, Jarod Carr, Patrick Johnson, and Joe Collins. You guys definitely made this the smoothest running KOH yet! Thank you Sam Misuraca and Tony Bennett for prepping the course this week. The fairways and putting greens have never looked better!

Lots of prizes were given away. Roger Gagnon was the big prize winner this year, taking home several. Here's who else won stuff:

Mini Long Distance
  1. Roger Gagnon - 250 ft
  2. Billy Dunne - 225 ft

Vibram Trek Prototype Flip-Off
  1. Ken Gary
  2. Andy Duquette

Charlie Sheen CTP Throw-off
  1. Travis Reed
  2. Roger Gagnon
  3. Frank Strauss
  4. Nyles Johnson

Other prizes
  • CTT - Josh Connell
  • Sponsor Raffle - Pete Nevius
  • Volunteer Award - Jarod Carr

  • Paul Rashaw
  • Tim Seiger (2)
  • John Hart
  • Tim Dyer
  • Pete Charron
  • Brittainy Brougham (2)
  • Shaun LaForce
  • Dan Goderre (2)
  • Matt Grayum
  • Jason Johnson
  • Chuck Gerbrands
  • Brad Harris
  • Frank Strauss
  • Ken Gary
  • Roger Gagnon
  • Shaun LaForce
  • Andy Duquette

That's about it. Hope everyone had fun and thanks for coming to the event. Let us know if we could have done anything different and better. We're always trying to improve. Thanks!

Click below for over 170 photos.

King of the Hill 3

Sunday, April 17, 2011