Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank you

Thank you to all who have passed through Fort Devens.
God bless America.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Win a 9-hole course and support AM Worlds

Here's your chance to win an instant 9-hole course. Just buy a special sparkle DGA Reef putter and you'll be entered in a raffle to win 9 DGA baskets.

Put them in your yard or be a hero and donate them to your favorite Devens disc golf course!
I'm heading to Ohio for the 2010 AM Worlds at the end of June. Anyone else out there going too? Let me know.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey jerks, read this!

Okay, time for my semi-annual plea to disrespectful golfers, smokers, litterbugs, and jerks in general.

What it boils down to is respect. Respect the course. Respect nature. Respect the men and women who have volunteered hundreds of hours and respect the sponsors who have donated hundreds of dollars to give you a free course to play.

That's it. It's really pretty simple -- don't be a jerk.

Disrepectful golfers
  • Don't be a jerk and break branches or saplings that are in your way. Instead, try throwing better shots, staying in the fairway, and oh, I don't know, following the rules and being a good human.

Someone tried to bring this tree between basket 8 and tee 9 home with them

Another golfer left them a message

Smokers and litterbugs
  • The course is not your ashtray or trash can. Put your butts in your bag. Crush your empties and pack them out. Don't throw them in the woods. It's not hard to do, really. In fact, they will weigh less than when you started your round.

Vandals and thieves
  • Stay home. Unfortunately, someone has stolen the "Hill Yeah" sign that was on tee pad 14. Others rolled some log seats down various holes. Weeee, what fun!!!
I know there are probably just a few bad seeds out there, so if you see someone bending branches, throwing butts on the ground, or littering, educate them and let them know that they need to stop.

Everyone else
Thanks for playing the course and picking up trash during your round. We really have one of the cleanest courses around!

Don't forget, we accept PayPal donations of $5 for every few rounds you play to help pay for our yearly insurance bill and regular course maintenance and improvements. Just click the PayPal button to the right. Thank you and happy chucking!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ho hum, another ace at league

For the third week in a row, there's been an ace at the Wednesday Weekly!

Starting it off two weeks ago was Frank Strauss who hit hole 10 for his first-ever ace and the first league ace of the year. That ace pot was worth $108.

Then last week, Andy Duquette hit hole 11 for $21 and just last night, Pete Nevius hit hole 9 for $15! Pete also got the hole 8 CTP.

Can we call that an an ace turkey for holes 9, 10, and 11?

Nice job, guys, but let's cool it for a few weeks and build up that ace pot again, okay?

But wait, there's more. Josh Poor has been the constant for each one of these aces -- he's been on each card! He says that next week he's going to start charging whoever is on his card since he is obviously the lucky charm.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Which disc is not officially in the basket?

Answer: All discs but the yellow one will complete the hole once the owner gets to the basket and removes it before it possibly falls down and out.

Check out the PDGA's new Rules School feature where rules are broken down, clarified, and illustrated. This week's rule deals with interference and answers the often-debated "Is this disc officially in the basket?"

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cinco de Ace-O!

¡Felicitaciones! Frank Strauss! Frank aced hole 10 last night and went home with 108 American pesos for his troubles. It is his first-ever ace and the first ace of this year's WW.

Frank shot a 51, took home the #1 tag, and also won the mini-margaritas and glass CTP.

It's good to be Frank.

Frank and Josh love their CTPs

Josh really loves his new tag!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Disco de Mayo tonight at the WW - 5:15

Since today is Cinco de Mayo, we figured we'd give away some appropriate CTPs and prizes at tonight's Wednesday Weekly. Up for grabs are margaritas, margaritas glasses, and a disc-o donated by Bradley Arnall.

Come ready to fiesta at 5:15!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Friends from across the pond

I've known for a while that I've got readers from all over the US and some over in Europe too, so I was excited to get a comment recently from Manja in Germany.

Manja and the Hyzernauts have started up a disc golf photo blog with photos from courses and cities around Europe. It's a new blog, but they already have some cool artsy photos posted. Check it out!
Scroll down to the bottom of each page to find the <- and -> buttons on the right. If you read German, it'll be even more interesting I bet!