Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We stink

Here are a few photos from the NEFA Challenge Finals held Sunday at Barre Dam. As predicted we came in last, but hey, we had fun doing it!

Half the team: Donnie, John, Dave, Luke

As far as I know, the closest that we came to winning anything was on three CTPs. Arty got the first one, which I then stole, and Donnie got another one a few holes later. Unfortunately we were robbed by other players later in the day. Not sure if our other teammates Gags and Andy had any better luck.

Quote of the day comes from our fearless captain, Andy, who said at lunch: "Nobody stinks like we do!" I couldn't agree more. Good job team. Let's stink less next year!

John and Donnie discuss how to miss their next putt on Hole 4.

Aspen, our official mascot of the day, takes a break on tee 17

Donnie flicks 3

John uncorks one on 3

Bottom Dwellers from Tolland and Devens walk up fairway 2

Dave and Luke watch John miss another putt

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Regular Socialites Off to NEFA Challenge Finals

Just a heads up to anyone planning on joining us at the Sunday Social tomorrow -- we won't be there! Tomorrow is our NEFA Challenge Finals at Barre. For whatever bizarre reason, we are starting off 7 strokes behind the winner of the regular season, so there is little hope for us to win or place. The only chance we have is at the CTPs on many of the holes.

In any case, it should be a fun day and a great way to wrap-up the off-season.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here's your headline, Marcy!

Another nice turnout last night with 8 golfers, one official scorekeeper-photographer-birthday girl, and lots of those tiny annoying flea-things swarming around our heads. We played straight-up for tags.

Ken, Luke, Arty, Rob, Pete, John, Dan, Dave

There were also a handful of other players out enjoying the 84-degree temps. Yes, 84 in late April. Nice.

I shot a personal best and claimed the #2 tag. The results:
  • John (55, #2)
  • Dave J (58, #3)
  • Arty (60, #6)
  • Ken G (63, #11)
  • Pete N (63, #12)
  • Luke (66, #13)
  • Rob W (67, #14)
  • Dan (68, #15)
Dave, Pete, and I will not be there next week, so hopefully someone else will run the Weekly for us and send me the results. Thanks and happy hucking!

John winds up on 3

Off it goes into the trees once again!

Dave was on his toes last night

While Rob was landing on this rock

Arty, Luke, Marcy, John, Ken

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New start time for WW -- 5:30 PM

More daylight means we can start later from now on and you don't have to drive 90 to get here on time (Arty).

Hope we see a few more new faces out there this week. Let's see if we can break our record 11 players from last week. Dave will have more tags for sale. $10 for the year.

See you at 5:30 on Wednesday!

This week's celebrity golfer: Pamela Anderson!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

WW Results

We had a record turnout last night with 11 golfers. That makes me feel great and I can't wait to see the numbers go up starting next week when we start a little later at 5:30.

John, Arty, Mike, Pete, Matt, Donnie

This week's scores were much better than the past few weeks, maybe because it was the first beautiful day in a long long time. We played straight-up singles for tags and everyone seemed to like it that way.

There's currently some hubbub about the official results and a potential scoring error, so I'll hold off listing them until we straighten it out.

Until then, enjoy these goofy pictures...

Pete twirls "gracefully" off teepad 3

Matt shows some style on his drive off 3

After a great drive on 13, Donnie goes for the long deuce

Mike C putts on 15

We also bumped into Joe A and his wife, as well as Nut, his son, and some of their neighbors. The place was hopping!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last week's WW photos

Here are a few photos from last week, including that crazy tree shot. Thanks for the pix, Arty.

See you guys tonight. 5PM.

Pete T, Donnie, Dave, John, Luke

Where's my disc?

Ahh, there it is!

Disc meets stump

Ken Gary sent in this email and photo from a few weeks ago. Nice shot!
I took this pic with my phone during the Sunday Social on March 30. This was Phil's approach to hole number 6.

He redeemed himself with a drive on 18 that stopped 7 feet from the pin for a drop-in birdie to come back from 2-down and win the round.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

WW Tomorrow

Join us for league tomorrow at 5PM. It's going to be a beautiful day, so get out and do some golfing! Unfortunately, #1 Dave can't make it, so we'll be battling it out for the lower numbers, which aren't too low to begin with...

Next week, we'll be starting at 5:30 so that more people can come, including Tom Cruise.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Get ready for Prime time

Steve Dodge, mastermind behind the top-notch Maple Hill disc golf course in Leicester, MA has started a new disc golf store called PRIME Discs.

We have joined his affiliate program that has some great benefits for our course and our Wednesday Weekly league players:
  • You get free shipping on all orders. Order by Monday and pick up your stuff at league on Wed. Simple.
  • 10% of each sale is donated back to our course, so shop early and often -- just use this link.
Steve has also donated a number of cool CTP prizes to use at league, so get your butt in gear next week and win you some stuff!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

WW Results

We had another good turnout this week with 6 taggers. Here's how it broke down:
  • #1 Dave (59) defends against #10 Pete T (63)
  • #8 John (61) takes #4 Arty (65)
  • #6 Luke (65) takes #2 Donnie (65)
Sadly, Donnie has announced that he is placing himself on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list after trying to fight through a nagging shoulder injury the past few weeks. He graciously gave his tag to Luke so that it would still be in play. We'll miss you out there, son.

Shot of the day: Hole 14. I decide to try to make it to the upper level off the tee. I let a laser rip that just misses the first tree on the left behind the boulder. The disc is cruising and passes by the second tree just before the second tier. We all watch with the usual "ews" and "ahhs" as it flies up the hill. Then I say, "Man that thing is going great!" and Luke replies, "Uh, no it isn't."

We look more closely and see that the disc has gotten stuck between the trunk and a small branch, but because of the fading light and distance it looked like it was suspended in air. It was pretty funny. Luckily Arty had his camera so he took a few shots which I'll post here later. More importantly, he kindly didn't call the 3-meter rule on me!

Anyway, we all had a good laugh.

Bonus: But what really made me happy last night is that Dave and Pete bumped into a few guys who were playing AND picking up trash too. Yay and thank you!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday Weekly Tonight

Join us at 5 PM sharp for our weekly tag league tonight.

Although you don't need a tag to play, you won't be eligible to win someone else's, but what fun would that be?

So, cough up $10 for the year and don't feel like a chump. All tag money goes toward our insurance bill.

Ice Bowl update

Got this email update from Rick Rothstein, the national organizer for the Ice Bowl. Thanks again to all that came to ours!
The count continues but thanks to the 200 events that have reported, I'm happy to announce these very impressive numbers for Ice Bowl 2008.
  • Participants/helpers/contibutors: 10,435
  • Average temperature: 35.74°
  • Average snow on the ground: 3.10"
  • Charitable donations in cash: $242,661
  • Charitable donations in food: 49,807 lbs
With another 40-45 events that we're hoping to hear from soon, we might just exceed a 1/4 million dollars. I do like the sound of that.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tick Deathwatch

Beware -- the ticks are back.

After several hours of cutting, clearing, and picking up trash on Saturday morning, my dog and I came home with three ticks. In a rare twist of fate, I had none for a change.

So, as a friendly reminder, you may want to spray some Off! around your ankles and on your shoes to help keep those damn ticks away. I found this was a pretty good way to protect myself last year.

Tick Watch 2008: 3

Monday, April 07, 2008

Donnie D gets Social

Since we only had 5 for the Social yesterday, we decided to play a tag round of singles. Donnie ended up winning a one-hole playoff with Pete to keep his #2 tag. John and Phil tied for third and Shep pulled up the rear.

#2 Donnie - 62
#3 Pete - 62
#8 John - 66
#9 Phil - 66
Shep - 75

Other tag holders:
#1 Dave, Luke, Bobkat, Arty, Tim.

See you guys on Wednesday.

Dave was not there to put up his #1 because he was giving a local Girl Scouts troop a tour of the course. From the shouts and laughs we heard coming from the woods, it sounds like the girls and parents had a great time. Thanks for coming, girls!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled disc golf

Well, no luck for UMass last night and it's raining and snowing this morning. How about a little disc golf school to brighten your day?

Learn how to throw a forehand flick.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do we have it in us for one more game? NIT championship, tonight, 7PM ESPN against those chumps from Ohio State. Let's go Mass!

This could be Ford's last game coaching UMass. Latest rumors have him being wooed by LSU. Good grief. Let's hope it IS just a rumor.

Spring cleaning

Mother Nature has been doing some Spring cleaning. There is a huge pine branch almost down near the basket on hole 1 (still playable though).

A large tree toppled over on 12 and numerous branches are down throughout the course.

Please help clean by throwing any big branches off to the side while you play.

I am thinking of doing some work Sat AM, probably around 9:00 but first I have to dig out my tools and tick death spray. Join me if you can, but you may want to call first. (978-433-6133)

WW Results

Six of us showed up for the first Wednesday Weekly. Since it was the first week and we had a few stragglers, we made two threesomes:
  • Dave (#1), Pete (#3), and me (#10)
  • Donnie (#2), Luke (#4) and Jimbo (#6).

Dave, Donnie, Luke, Jim

Here's Jim's recount:
Six of us battled the wind blown hill: Dave James kept his #1, JoBo beat Pete for the 3 spot by a stroke (71 over a 72 ... three cheers!! (or jeers?)); Donny kept his #2 three strokes away from me and I exchanged my #6 tag for Luke's #4 by a stroke or two.

Highlights and lowlights in our battle: Donny and I missing a few easy birdies, some by lame putting, others by wind picking off the disc in mid flight. Donny hitting a long flick approach on 18 for a downhill breathtaker for par. I'm guessing it was a 60 or 70 footer all the way left until it just banked and crashed the chains. Excellent.

I like this challenge idea. Where else can you shoot your worse round in 2 years and still jump up 7 tag spots? Ugh. I played like doggy doo.

Not many highlights in our group except some pretty good long putting by Dave. On 18, both Dave and I crushed our drives down the hill within 50-60 ft of the pin but in the woods to the right. Then of course we both blew our approaches and left ourselves long comeback putts. Dave 4, me 5. Ack!

It was great to see Arty and Tim show up just to buy a tag even though they couldn't stay to play. Now that is support. Thanks guys.

We also bumped into Chris and his younger brother Charlie on 16 and they finished their round with us. Chris is a local guy stationed at Devens. It's great to see some military guys using the course finally.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday Weekly Starts Tonight

Join us tonight at 5 PM for the first tag league night of 2008. $10 gets you a tag for the year. If you don't want to join the league, feel free to come play anyway. We'll still let you! ;)

Tee off at 5 SHARP!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Big News! Devens to host National Tour stop in October!

I have exciting news! We will be hosting a last-minute addition to the PDGA National Tour calendar in October.

Under the PDGA's new initiative to jumpstart emerging courses and publicize disc golf in emerging markets, The Hill has been granted this amazing opportunity to host touring pros in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Can you believe it? The big guns are coming to the Hill: Climo, Feldberg, Doss, Kallstrom, and more.

Between rounds last weekend, Pro Markus Källström said, "I met John at the Sugarbush Open last summer and after listening to him go on and on about how great Devens was, I told him 'Sure, I'll come to your course. Now just leave me alone.' So, I guess I have to go now."

Details are still being worked out, but preliminary plans are for a 2-day event in late October, probably the weekend before the NEFA Finals. Stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way, Happy April Fools Day.