Saturday, December 16, 2006

We Are Done For the Season

Yes, we are officially done with major work on the course. Today, bright and early Dave, me, Rob, and Steve (left to right) met and installed four more baskets.

Hole 2 went in without incident, as did Hole 4. Next, we lucked out on Hole 3 when the hole we dug ended up being in the middle of three huge underground rocks. Three inches in either direction and we would have been bumming. Phew!

Feeling pretty good about ourselves, we headed to Hole 18 to install the last basket. But oh no, Mother Hill had different plans for us - rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Fortunately, after a lot of hard digging by Dave, Rob, and Steve (I was clearing brush from the fairway), we reached a compromise with Mother and put the basket in a few inches higher than the rest. Since the basket is on a pretty steep grade, we surrounded the pole with some rocks to make it look a little nicer.

After that we packed everything up and played a round. Rob and I grabbed lunch and headed back for a second round and were joined by Pete T. We saw the Groton Family out there again, plus two other kids. All in all, it was another beautiful day on the Hill (although I lost my nice new yellow Lat 64 Medius driver. I think it fell out of my bag. Ugh.)

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about the 18 basket being a few inches too high; the slope is so steep there that there are few places for a level putt anyway. that little stand of trees just beyond the basket makes a great backstop when putting downhill. let's cut it down!


Anonymous said...

I picked up a couple of ticks out there, and ended up with a nasty bite on my back the next day. Good thing I've already had Lyme...

Can't wait for those single-digit bagtags! Once the board has theirs, we should auction off the others as fundraisers!