Saturday, December 01, 2007


My dog and I met Nut this morning about 9 AM for a round. It was 25 degrees and very breezy. As we were getting ready in the parking lot, a Jeep drove past the entrance, slowed, and stopped. Brian and I looked at each other and smiled. New people.

Don and Andy drove down and across from Hancock, NH to play Devens on their first stop of a day of Massachusetts disc golf. They joined us and we all had a good time, but not so good scores!

Did I mention it was freezing and windy out there? Brian was pretty happy though as he came within two strokes of beating me for the first time!

Don and Andy

  • To experience your own subzero round, join us tomorrow at 9:30 for the Sunday Social. $5 and a can of food for the food bank. See you there!

Flags in front of a local biz were flat out thanks to the constant wind today

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