Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A great day for the mailbox

Yesterday was a great day for the Devens mailbox.

After running errands all day, Marcy and I pulled in the driveway to check the mail. The thing was packed with a few congratulation cards, another package, envelopes containing our new PDGA membership cards and bag tags, and a package from our website sponsor, Disc Golf Station, containing two discs and a mini that they donated to the Ice Cube Open. Then, to top it off, the UPS guy pulls up and gives me a box of Ice Bowl discs and shirts. It was like Christmas.

After I let the dogs out for a pee, I flipped on the computer. Bam, eight people had signed up for the ICO while we were out! Nice! That puts us just two golfers short of last year's record of 30 golfers. I'm pretty sure we will pass that in the next 11 days since I bet a few people are waiting for that five-day forecast to come out. No wimps no whiners.

Don't forget, if you join PDGA this year and use my member number 23492, I will donate the $5 store credit I receive to the Hill and use it towards prizes for a future event. Ken Gary and Roger Gagnon have already done it. How about you?


Anonymous said...

I signed up for PDGA using your name too. Hopefully you will be getting the credit!

Luke A.

Chuck Plastic said...

Thanks Luke. You the man!