Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Only 9 spots left for Thrill on the Hill

Yep, there are only nine spots left for our yearly Thrill on the Hill Dubs & Speed tournament on Sat. Oct 23. Don't miss out on this fun day of disc golf on the Hill!
I'm excited to see many new names signed up for this, as well as our faithful regulars.

It's also good to see so many adventerous souls who have signed up for the Speed round. If you are on the fence about doing it, just sign up for it. It's a lot of fun and takes less than 4 minutes (2.5 if you are really good). It's really not all abut speed, but endurance, brains, and accuracy too.

There are a few ways to approach the 4-hole Speed round:
  • Run really fast but shoot over par, take your +/- penalty, and hope your low time compensates for your wild shooting. 
  • Run at a controlled pace, take your time on each shot, shoot par or below, and hope the +/- bonus helps you out.
  • Run fast and shoot well.
Any way you do it is a lot of fun. Even if you don't participate, we need a handful of volunteers to record scores, spot, and of course cheer everyone on. So be sure to stick around after Dubs!

Be like Pete!

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