Monday, November 15, 2010

How 'bout them Flypads?!

Like I said at lunch, thanks very much to all of you who helped on Saturday. We have come a long way in just 3 years. I remember when it was a struggle to get 2 people to join me to work on the course. Now we get 20!
Keith, Pete, Arty, Rick, John R on 10
There are several great courses in the area, but not many with teepads as fine as ours. Damn! So solid. No fear of slipping. Boom!

I have to especially thank Ken Gary who organized and ran the show on Saturday. Great job, Ken. You make a great #2.
John R tamps 10.
I am also grateful for all the sponsors and players who have donated money to the course over the years so that we can make these awesome improvements.

Things are just going to get better. More Flypads in the Spring and benches on most holes too! After that, who knows? Maybe a second course or lights for night golf!
My truck full of ground-up recycled asphalt shingles that we used as the base
In no particular order, here are the latest Devens Superheros. Thank you!

  • Ken Gary
  • Jim Bobka
  • Rob Walker
  • John Rodenhizer
  • John R's two friends
  • Pete Nevius
  • Pete Tolvanen
  • Doug Callaghan
  • Arty Graustein
  • Jeff Woodcock
  • Brian McNulty
  • Rick Hobbs
  • Keith
  • Dave
  • Luke Adolph
  • Donnie Phillips
  • Dave James
  • Tim Seiger

It seems I have inherited a green wheelbarrow, a blue 2-wheel wheelbarrow, a tamper, a metal rake, and a wide metal shovel.
Pete finishes off 12

Luke and Arty clean out Jeff's truck

Luke flattens hole 5

Luke has his way with hole 3

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