Friday, June 03, 2011

New old benches donated

Thanks goes out to an anonymous donor who dropped off four old benches for the course yesterday. This makes six total that he has donated so far, with more on the way. Thank you Donor X!

The big question is how long they will last without some loser writing on them? Bob was here and Amanda loves Pete. Who cares? I know it's real tough, but try to show some respect, people.

Now, who can help get these out on the course? Stop by the store if you can help.

Note: The store will be closed most of next week.


Pete said...

Nice. Who's Amanda?

Anonymous said...

Graffiti is a tough one. Hard to break people of a habit they've had for thousands of years. If it REALLY gets to you there is a product made by Zinnser that's a paint-proof paint (oxymoron?) Otherwise, is it really a big deal? Destructive or expressive? No one has been able to stop it, so i wouldn't let it rile you up too much. although, I must admit, this chainlink ASS-assin is gettin to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Nashua on vacation from Oklahoma and I've been a long time disc golfer but have played few out of state (as in out of Oklahoma) courses, I played the Muldoon park course Wednsday and it was pretty cool, nice change of scenery... we don't have tall trees in OK. Today I played Devens and I was blown away, you guys are awesome for putting that kind of work into a course, I was blown away. I loved it, too bad the store was closed I could have used some new plastic. Hoping I'll get to make it out there next Wednsday to play with you guys and steal some lines.

Anonymous said...

donor x? deano x! thank you mon!