Friday, August 04, 2006

Thurs Night Reporter Round

Thursday night a reporter from the Lowell Sun tagged along for a round with Brian, Rob, Steve, and John. Jennifer is doing a followup article on our efforts to build the course. We had a good time showing her what disc golf is all about and were sure to show her some good and bad shots!

Things were neck-and-neck throughout the round until a lost-disc penalty for John took him out of contention. Rob remained steady on the last few holes to hold off Steve and take the win, although Brian's two birdies and a par struck fear into the leaders. Well, maybe not fear, but we were impressed. ;-)

Here are the results on 13 holes:

> Rob - 46
> Steve - 47
> John - 48 (won CTP)
> Brian - 52

Be sure to check out the photos and movies below.

Brian flips one down 5

Rob goes for 5

Steve is ... uhh ... ummm... I dunno!

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