Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fresh Meat and More Records!

Last night was another record-breaking night with 11 golfers showing up, including four first-timers. We ended up with three groups:
  • Group 1: AndyG dominated his group consisting of SteveB, MikeC, and JimB and came within two strokes of tying the course record. Nice job Andy! Shot of the night came on 15 with Jim richocheting his blind approach shot off a tree branch and into the bucket. Just like he planned it I'm sure.
  • Group 2: I took the four newbies out for their first disc golf experience. After a few words of wisdom from me, I set them loose. They all steadily improved with each hole and seemed to have a good time. Eighth-grader Mike (I hope I remembered the name right) showed great potential and was hucking that disc as far, if not farther, than his buddies.
  • Group 3: RobW and his Dad brought up the rear. Not sure how they did, but they were first back to the parking lot!
We're going to move the start time up 15 minutes next week to 5:45pm. It got a little dark out there for the last few holes!

I'll be out there Friday morning around 10, 10:30 if anyone wants to help clear the next hole. Call me if you do, or email devensdg AT gmail DOT com.

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