Monday, January 08, 2007

Arty Graustein and Mark Moge Donate a Basket!

After a tournament at Pyramids last April, I was talking with Arty Graustein about how Devens was progressing. He told me that he was going to save any winnings he earned this year and buy the course a basket at the end of the year. I thought he was joking and said, "Yeah, okay, Arty. Whatever you say."

Well, it turns out he wasn't kidding! Over the holiday break Arty gave me a call and said he was on his way over to drop off a new Chainstar basket! I couldn't believe it.

Turns out that he and his friend Mark Moge split the cost and wanted to donate it in the name of ARC Community Services in their hometown of Fitchburg, MA. They are a private, not for profit organization providing advocacy and services to families and individuals with disabilities. Wow! How great is that?

Again, thank you very much, Arty and Mark. You are yet two more examples of why disc golf is a great sport filled with awesome people!

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