Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bring on the Park Rangers!

This Sunday at 9:30, the boys from Borderland are coming to Devens for our next NEFA Challenge. For the past few years during the off-season, courses from MA and CT have formed teams and challenged each other each month to a day of disc golf. An overall league winner is declared in the Spring.

Last month we lost our inaugural challenge to Team NASA (a mishmash of Amesbury, Pyebrook, and Wompatuck players) at Amesbury. This month we are hosting our first Challenge against a stacked team from Borderland.

It won't be easy going against several of the top pros in New England, but since we are a young new team, we've got nothing to lose and look forward to taking it to one of the best teams involved in the Challenge.

Hopefully the Hill will be kind to the home team and wreak havoc on the Park Rangers from Borderland!

The Sunday Social will still take place, so if you aren't involved in the Challenge, feel free to play.

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