Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ace and Ace!

Looks like there were a couple of aces this Labor Day weekend.

Congrats to Bill Bureau for an ace on Hole 15! That's the first one on 15 I've heard about. Very nice!

His friend Barry S. writes:
Played Devens Sunday for the first time. Bill Bureau aced hole 15. The basket was so far away and out of sight that you barely heard the ching of the chains. It was a beautiful moment. Great Course, loved it. Keep up the great work and Bill is my new golf hero.
And congrats to Donnie Disc Golf for an ace on Hole 10! That's like Donnie's 75th ace on the Hill! :) He writes:
On Saturday Sam from Shirley and I were enjoying a beautiful day on the hill and approached the 10th teebox after playing even par through nine. Here’s how it transpired on the box.

Sam: “Nice Drive!!! That was an awesome ‘S’. It followed a picture perfect ‘S’ line. Awesome. Nice drive.”

Donnie: “Man, hey I am just glad it stopped.”

Later on the way down for the follow-up second shots I realized I didn’t need one -- there was a disc in the basket and it was mine. There was enough noise that you would’ve thought I won the lottery!

Everything’s coming up… aces.

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