Friday, September 19, 2008

Ace Race | Doubles | Speed -- Oct 18

Devens Ace RaceIt's Ace Race time again at the Hill! This year we are adding a 4-hole speed round option to this fun day of golf. Ace Race in the morning, then a round of doubles, and finally a speed round.

How much of the Hill can you handle?!

Play one, two, or all three events. Each event has it's own entry fee.

Ace Race
  • Sat. Oct. 18, probably 10AM
  • $25 (includes 2 prototype Discraft discs, a mini, and a hat)
  • Throw once from each short Ace tee and record metal hits and aces. After two rounds, the player with most 'points' wins and gets a new bag filled with shiny new Discraft discs.
  • We will throw both rounds at the same time to make it go quicker.
  • Registration has closed for the Ace Race

  • About 12:30, after lunch
  • $5 per person, one round best disc
  • Bring your own partner or find one there
  • Pro, AM1, AM2, Rec, Mixed (Experienced player and a newbie or junior)
  • Registration deadline is Oct. 18, noon

  • About 3:30
  • $5 per person
  • Complete 4 holes in the fastest time. Time penalty for every stroke over par.
  • One division
  • Registration deadline is Oct. 18, noon
It'll be a fun, low-frills, low-cost day of disc golf in beautiful October. If you haven't been to Devens yet, here's your chance to check us out. Join us!

Send name, events entered, division, and check to:

Devens Disc Golf
c/o John Borelli
40 Cranberry St
Pepperell, MA 01463
Questions? Email John.

Ace Race
  • John Borelli
  • Dave James
  • Kari James
  • Karly James
  • Brian McNulty
  • Ken Gary
  • Donnie Phillips
  • Pete Nevius
  • TM Dyer
  • Todd Canuel
  • Luke Adolph
  • John Rodenhizer
  • Jim Bobka
  • Shawn Dionne
  • Rob Walker
  • Joe Atwood
  • Mindy Atwood
  • Zane Atwood
  • Kindred Atwood
  • Tim Seiger
  • Paul Lyman
  • Steve Legare
  • Mark Rooney

  • John Borelli and Dave James
  • Ken Gary and Donnie Phillips
  • TM Dyer and Todd Canuel
  • John Rodenhizer and Pete Nevius
  • Jim Bobka and Shawn Dionne
  • Rob Walker and Chris Gagne $
  • Joe and Mindy Atwood $
  • Zane and Kindred Atwood $
  • Tim Seiger and and Doug Orleans $
  • Brian McNulty $ and Eric Spaulding $
  • Michael and Bob DuCott
  • Steve Legare and Mark Rooney
  • Andrew Duquette $ and John Blanchard $
  • John Campos $ and Chuck Gerbrands $
  • Marcy Rose $ and Tony Gordon $
  • Kevin Farrell $ and daughter $
  • Chad LeBlanc $ and Jason Johnson $

  • John Borelli
  • Dave James
  • Donnie Phillips
  • Ken Gary
  • Pete Nevius
  • John R
  • Jim Bobka
  • Rob Walker
  • Tim Seiger
  • Grant Boyd $

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