Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Borelli Bombs Bonanza! Hill Yeah!

After almost a month on the disabled list, I made a very successful return to the Hill Saturday as I won our Bag Tag Bonanza and laid claim to the #1 tag for 2008.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous heading out for round 1 with the other top dogs of Devens Ken Gary, Pete Tolvanen, and Phil Vilmorin, but I started off pretty well and never looked back. I got a little too confident in round 2 and gave up a few strokes toward the middle of the round to Ken, Donnie Phillips, and Dave James, but in the end cruised to a 6-stroke win. Besides the #1 tag, I also took home a great custom-made Bobka trophy.

Since we had no aces during the Bonanza, Dave decided to split the ace pot collected from the Wednesday Weekly three ways: lowest score for the day, highest number of birdies, and a final group CTP on hole 1. I continued my hot streak and won all three of these too. (112, 9 birdies, 10 ft or so). Pretty funny.

We also had 8 CTPs that Marcy, Donnie, Dave J., and Ken donated ranging from a snazzy grilling set, a portable grill and cooler, Nalgene bottles, hat, discs, magazine, CD, cigars, and glasses. Pete T (2), Pete N, Luke, Ken, Arty, Jim, and Dave were among the winners.

After things wrapped up, about half of the guys headed out for some dubs and could be heard laughing and hitting trees while the rest of us enjoyed some extremely hot chili and a few adult beverages by the Weber grill.
Overall, it was a fun day full of good golf, good friends, good food, and lots of laughs. Thank you everyone for making our first tag league a success. Next year will be even better!

Most of the Baggers

  • 1 John Borelli 55, 57, 112
  • 2 Donnie Phillips 60, 58, 118
  • 3 Dave James 57, 62, 119
  • 4 Ken Gary 60, 60, 120
  • 5 Phil Vilmorin 61, 59, 120
  • 6t Chris Gagne 65, 58, 123
  • 6t Rob Walker 61, 62, 123
  • 6t Luke Adolph 64, 59, 123
  • 9 Pete Tolvanen 64, 63, 127
  • 10 Jim Bobka 68, 63, 131
  • 11 Pete Nevius 61, 72, 133
  • 12 Brian McNulty 70, 64, 134
  • 13 Dave Mallen 65, 74, 139
  • 14 Arty Graustein 63, DNF, DNF

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