Monday, December 15, 2008

Devens survives ice storm; other local courses not so lucky

Mother Nature was kind to us this weekend as it bypassed our course for the most part. Although every town around Devens was or is currently still without power due to downed trees and mangled power lines, the Hill survived with just a few scratches.

After clearing a couple of trees from my driveway, we headed over to the Hill to see how she fared. Happily, there were only a few branches down on the fairways and the worst was on the path from 12 to 13.

Any trees that had snapped or toppled were out-of-play in the woods. Hole 5 now has a nice stream flowing through it, but that is typical after any major rainstorm.

Other courses like Amesbury and Pyramids weren't so lucky. According to some posts on the NEFA board, Pyramids suffered major damage to baskets and fairways.

So, for those of you that need to get your disc golf fix, feel free to come to Devens. Or better yet, stop by another course and help them clean up and earn some disc golf karma.

These manly men braved the cold on Saturday to play a round

Thankfully this was the worst "damage" we suffered. This sapling snapped and landed on the basket on hole 5.

Mother Nature nailed this putt on hole 15

Hole 5 now has a water hazard!

More "damage"

To the left of hole 11 near the Ace tee

Just off the path from 12 to 13

PS. I love electricity and am happy to have it back at my house. Another night sleeping in 39-degree cold just wasn't going to cut it!

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