Monday, May 04, 2009

Devens does it at the Dam!

Due to a conflict of interest, today's post is written by Marcy! ;-)


Well, this is strange because I do not have the same creative flair as John, but here goes!

Devens Hillbillys had a great turnout yesterday and I am happy to report that we had 4 who placed and cashed. Alan MacLean tied for 2nd in AM2 (winning his first tournament cash!), Mike Connell placed 3rd in Pro Grandmasters and Jim Bobka placed 3rd in AM Masters. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...John won the AM1 division! Hill Yeah!!!!!

Jim, John, Mike, Alan

Of course, he did not make it easy on me -- he had to do it in a one-hole playoff with Mike Murphy. So let me back up a little. John finished his round before me (don't even ask where I ended up - let's just say I didn't come in last!) and when I asked how he did, he nonchalantly says, "I'm tied for first." Man, I would be doing cartwheels, but I know he was trying to keep his head in the game and not get overly excited.

So after what seems like forever they finally make their way to tee 1. There was a gallery of people all watching them. I can only imagine what it is like to have 50 or so sets of eyes watching me drive off the tee!

After both having good drives, John threw his approach first and landed a few feet from the OB water. The gallery oohed and ahhed. Mike's approach landed in the OB water and he putted out. John now had to hit his putt to win, and he did!

He also won the CTP for AM1s. I'd say he had a good day all around!

Congrats to the other Devens regulars for representing... John Hart, Bradley Arnall, Sam Misuraca, Jeremy Travis, Matt Muller, Matt Duquette, Andrew Duquette and, oh yeah, me. :)

Thanks, John for letting me hijack your blog temporarily! Now back to our regular blogger, the newest AM1 champ and reigning Tully victor, Mr. John Borelli.........


Nice job, Marcy! But don't quit your day job. Oh yeah.... that's right... ;)

Can I get a Hill Yeah!?

Although my putt for the win was only 10 feet, it was definitely the toughest putt I've ever had to make! What pressure!

The NEFA tournament season is now in full swing with an event every weekend until about June. With Devens on the rise, I'm sure I'll be posting more good news in the future. Watch out for the HillBillys!

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Way to go! #1 You Rock. Congratulations...