Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking on the other hill

Another weekend, another tournament, another successful day for the HillBillys. This Sunday, we headed over to Leicester to play Maple Hill 4. Seven out of nine of us cashed, and six finished in second or third place.

Nice job, golfers!

Can I get a "Hill Yeah!" for:
  • Ed Hovestadt (2nd in Adv Masters)
  • Marcy Buchanan (3rd in Intermediate Women)
  • Jeremy Travis (2nd in Rec)
  • Ken Gary (2nd in Pro Grandmasters)
  • Alan MacLean (2nd in AM2)
  • Luke Adolph (3rd in AM2)
  • John Borelli (5th in AM1)
Jeremy, Matt, Ken, John, Luke, Marcy, Alan, Dan

Next weekend, Terrace Pines Open in NH.

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