Friday, November 20, 2009

Four year olds can deuce 16. So why can't you?!

Ethan S. became the youngest golfer in Devens history to deuce hole 16 today at the tender age of four!

Out for a casual round with his dad Frank, Jimmy B, and me, Ethan stepped up to the tee box on 16 and whipped a Roadrunner tomahawk roller down the hill, just missing family dog Puck who was sniffing around the rocks just below the tee. The disc caught an edge and veered right, just over the rim of the hill and looked like it stalled out in the brush.

After the rest of us threw, we started down the hill and Ethan yelled, "There's my Roadrunner!" We looked up (uhh... down) and sure enough his disc had somehow made it all the way down the hill, stopping about 40 feet in front of the basket. Not bad for a throw we all thought didn't even make it over the edge of the hill!

But Ethan wasn't done just yet. He calmly walked up to his disc and picked it up, took a few steps toward the basket, and threw another Tomahawk. Crash! Into the basket for a deuce! We all had a good laugh over that one, especially since we all got fours.

Here's Ethan re-enacting his history-making putt a little bit closer to the basket. Keep it up, buddy!

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