Monday, November 09, 2009

The Hill brings 'em in from far and wide

A few weeks ago, Ernie Davis from Seattle sent me an email looking to play a round while he was out here on vacation. I met him Friday and had a great time showing him around the Hill. Ernie's been playing a while and had a few interesting stories about playing with Nate and Feldberg when they were younger. Good times!

While we were playing, we bumped into a guy from Wyoming also out visiting family. "I've been to a couple courses in MA and so far this one sure is the most challenging," he said. He must have liked it because I saw him out for a second round later.

We also bumped into a group of new players. They weren't from any exotic place like Seattle or Wyoming, though. They lived in Groton and NH and the kids went to Lawrence Academy. They looked like they were having fun and asked a few questions about rules and technique.

The Happy Locals

Both Ernie and I impressed them with lucky park jobs on hole 1 (but we didn't tell them that of course). If you guys read this, be sure to email me and I'll hook you up with some real disc golf discs like we talked about.

With this warm weather this week, I'm sure Hill will be hopping. Get out there and chuck some plastic!

Ernie fires away on Hole 1

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