Tuesday, December 08, 2009

DEVNET draws a few

Three of us made it to the inaugural DEVNET this morning. Not surprising since I just came up with the idea yesterday.

After a few minutes of counseling and career advice, we played a combo of 10-cent skins and stroke play. I had a good day and was quickly -2, but shot an ugly 5 on hole 14 to bring me back down to Earth.
  1. JoBo - 1.20, 54
  2. Jimmy Blakeney - .40, 62 or around there
  3. Marcy - .20, 70 or so
Marcy had a couple of phenomenal holes today. She got a 3 on hole 3, a deuce on 13, and a 3 on 18. Yes, I said a 3 on 18! Absolute textbook play -- drive to the ridge, approach to just above the pin, and a 10 ft putt. The deuce on 13 was from about 70 ft away around a tree near the road. Amazing!

Marcy can't believe she just parred hole 18!

With 3 skins up for grabs on 14, Jimmy took advantage of my crappy drive and took the hole after getting out of a bit of trouble himself. Nice work, Jim!

Hopefully we'll see a few others next week. Let's see some weekend workers and second- and third-shifters too.

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