Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Love disc golf? Join the PDGA!

If you love disc golf, why not join the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)? You don't have to be a pro -- you just have to love playing! Your membership helps continue to build the sport, the association, the National Tour, and efforts to attract sponsorship, spectators, and media coverage.

When you join, you'll get a lifetime membership number, a free disc, a subscription to Disc Golfer magazine, and other benefits. If you play any PDGA-sanctioned events, you'll also get an official rating and over time see how you've gotten better.
  • Join now under the "Refer-a-Friend" program (use my PDGA number 23492 and I will donate my credits to the course!)
I've been a member for eight years and it is fun to look back at how my rating has gone up over the years. In 2004, my rating was 783 and is now up to 937. The goal of course is to be a 1000+ rated golfer, but since that is usually where the top touring pro players sit, I doubt I'll ever get there!

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