Thursday, August 26, 2010

Val and Avery Jenkins, Nate Doss treat league members to a skills clinic

A few weeks ago, touring pros and World Champions Valarie Jenkins, Avery Jenkins, and Nate Doss stopped by the Wednesday Weekly tag league to give a free members-only skills clinic. Between the three of them, these guys hold six world championship titles, a couple of long distance throwing titles, and a USDGC title, so they were worth listening to!

The three pros reviewed the basics of throwing starting with the grip, arm motion, hip and head positioning, and finally the all-important x-step. After some Q&A about technique and life on the road, Avery let loose some bombs across the field while Nate and Val worked one-on-one with a few people. They also spent time autographing discs, posing for pictures, and just hanging out with us. It really was an awesome night and we owe most of it to Marcy who set the whole thing up. Yay Marcy!

Earlier in the day, several volunteers who have worked a lot on the course were invited to play a round with Val, Avery, Nate, and current <19 World Champion Ricky Wysocki. That of course was awesome because I've always wondered what a top pro would shoot on our course, never mind three.

Playing it blind, Avery was one throw short of tying the course record with a 50 (-4), Nate shot a 53 (-1), Ricky shot par 54, and Val, well, she got her money's worth. I can only imagine what they'd shoot after a few more round under their belts.

John Rodenhizer played really well for a spurt and was christened "Birdie Man" by Ricky after getting a bunch of birdies on the back 9. I like it.

Both Nate and Ricky really liked hole 16 and thought it was pretty cool and like no other hole they'd ever seen. Avery thought hole 14 was a great disc golf hole, "especially if you remove that pine tree." Not sure what pine tree he was referring too, but I'll have to check it out.

They also gave away a bunch of Keen and Huk Lab schwag like hats, visors, nice water bottles, stickers and patches. After it got dark, we headed over to the Devens Grill for dinner and more disc golf talk. Good times!

It was also cool hearing non-league players walk by during the clinic and ask me, "Hey, isn't that that Avery guy? What the heck is he doing here?"

So remember, next year when we start selling 2011 tags, you may want to snatch one up. Membership has it's privileges at Devens and we treat our members well! Rumor is that Marcy has already lined up next year's special guest, but you'll have to wait to find out who.


Marc D said...

Awwww man! Wish so much I was there. But after being on vacation the week before I had to work late all that week. Hoping I will be there for next years Special Guest Day.

Frank said...

Thanks again for a great clinic! This proves why Marci is going to make a great PDGA rep for us here in Ma.Keep up the good work.Keep on Huk'in Chuck'in Flick'in flop'in and of course RING'in those Chains. PEACE