Wednesday, August 04, 2010

3 Disc Dilemma Nite

Three discs. One round. Much fun. Be there.


Anonymous said...

And what a dilemma it turned out to be for some of us!


Anonymous said...

of course I shoot a personal best using only three discs!!!

Less is more?? maybe?? Argh... I dont get it!! How do I shoot personal best without all my discs!!!

3 Disc dilemma and an instant upgrade to pool A without a choice!! Thanks a lot Marcy!!

Bob B

Marc D said...

Found my Starfire! Woohoo!
If not for losing it on 12 I would have shot a 59 instead of a 63. Ah well, at least i got my disc back.

sjc1434 said...

3 Disc Dilemma sounds like fun! Another fun game is an Ace Race. It is sponsored by Discraft and can help raise money for the course. Discraft releases prototype discs to disc golfers and provides prizes as well for a fun and interesting day...check it out at! I hail from Leominster, MA and am now at school in Rochester, NY. I rcently took part in one of these races and it was a blast. I would be more than willing to help set up and run the ace race back at Devens. Check it out!