Friday, January 21, 2011

Win one of these beauties in the Ring of Ice

These two special tye-dye Ice Bowl Katanas will be up for grabs in the Ring of Ice after round two of the Ice Cube Open. Like last year, we will have two groups (Pro/AM1 and AM2/Rec) competing separately so you all have a good chance at winning. Now just start practicing your pressure putting!

A Ring of Ice, better known as a Ring of Fire, is a putting contest where golfers line up behind a pre-defined line that circles a basket. On the count of 3, everyone putts and mayhem ensues with discs crashing into each other while others get knocked in and out of the basket.

Whoever gets it in then goes again until only one competitor remains. If no one makes the putt at any stage, we start over and everyone gets another chance. It is pretty fun and can sometimes last a few rounds. So, if you miss on the first round, don't give up; you'll probably get to try again!

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