Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love our course? Then join NEFA!

If you love our course and playing disc golf in New England, you should join NEFA, the New England Flying disc Association.

I am the MA state rep for NEFA and it's blogger too so I may be a little biased, however! NEFA also sponsored hole 12 back in the early days so you can see why I think you should return the love.

But seriously, NEFA is a great community of disc golfers from all New England states, plus the bordering areas of NY and NJ. It's mission is to basically spread the word of disc golf, support new and emerging courses and other programs with funding, and run a points series each year. There's also a very active message board where you can keep up-to-date with everything going on in the region and even sell and trade discs.

Two for one deal
We are once again running our NEFA membership deal through the end of Jan. Any current NEFA member may sign up a new member for free! That's $25 for two people or $12.50 each. If you'd like to join as my freebie, send me an email.

One person must already be a NEFA member who is renewing his membership. The other person must be a brand-new member.

Several renewing members have offered up their freebie to the masses, so check out the message board to find somebody.



EchoHonda said...

Hey John, I am looking to sign up for my first year. You still looking for a newbie or already taken?


Killer B Disc Golf Shop said...

Excellent. Email me or PM me your info (look at the form for the info).

When are you guys signing up for the Ice Cube?