Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few changes for the better I think you'll like

I worked on the course today with my team of squirrels and hawks. It was great being out there again, bow saw in hand, cutting, cleaning, and making a few overall improvements.

I built a low-tech, low wall behind basket 18 to help with rollaways (or possibly launch them up and over). Time will tell if this is a good thing.

Will this basic wall help stop your rollaway?

I also cut probably the most controversial tree on the course off the teepad on hole 7. Will the illusion of extra space make you throw a better shot? Again, time will tell.

What's missing from this picture?

I'd also like to thank whoever cleaned up the putting green on hole 16! It looks impressive, especially from the top of the hill. I really appreciate your help, Mr. Mystery Groundskeeper.

Hole 16's new look!

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