Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally, an ace on 18!

Alan "Four Loko" MacLean aced hole 18 last night during league! Crazy. Here's how it happened in his words:
"Thanks. I RHBH'd my beat, beat DX Beast. Hyzer flipped the crap out of it. Over the ridge it was falling hard on it's right edge and at the rate it was falling it was looking like it would land early. When we walked over the ridge it was there. No one was around to tell how it hit. I wanted to know if it was a pure (unlikely), a bounce, or some crazy skip. Looking at the edge of the disc, there's a pretty big gash so I'm thinking I got a bounce off a rock right before the basket.

I'm so glad to finally get #2 under the belt. Some dismissed my other (#1 @ Pelham) because it was open, short, and so RHBH friendly. This one should be harder to dismiss... especially for a righty who can't flick. :) "


Anonymous said...

The impossible is possible.

Anonymous said...

what's this mean - RHBH'd ??

Killer B Disc Golf Shop said...

He threw a right-handed backhand shot. (across his chest, not a flick or forehand)