Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disc golfers who litter should be ________.

Trash like beer cans, water bottles, food wrappers, bottle caps, and cigarette butts have increased dramatically at the course and that is really pissing me off. Especially the cigarette butts.

Please help keep our FREE course clean by doing one or both of these incredibly difficult things:
  • Don't litter. Pack out what you bring in. So simple.
  • Be a good human and pick up butts and trash. 
I've read several online reviews of the course over the years and one of the things that makes me happy is when I see comments like "the place is spotless!"

Let's not let the inconsiderate assholes out there ruin our course with their filth. If you are one of the inconsiderate assholes leaving behind your beer cans, bottles, and butts, please go play somewhere else.

Seeing 3-4 butts on the ground may be no big deal to most of you, but when you have invested so much time, energy, and love into the land like I have, it is a big deal. If you like the course show it some love, help keep it clean, and earn some good karma along the way.

I'm not saying pick up every bit you see, but a little goes a long way. Thank you.

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