Monday, May 09, 2011

Please stay off the soccer fields

Devens Rec has received complaints about golfers using the soccer fields to warm up. That is not allowed. Please stay off and let others know.
From Devens Rec: "... at no time are the field(s) to be used for practice or games. These field(s) are paid for by clients."

Yes, this stinks but Devens is very protective of their fields and we must respect that. They could always pull our lease and we'd end up with no course, so please find some other field to warm up in. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Whats next, no more parking in the lot next to the fields? Lame!

Anonymous said...

it took the (w)rec(k) dept,what,like six years to pull this
out of um....somewhere? yep,sounds like a typical state job!

Chance said...

we can still park there right? just stay off the fields? was there something that instigated this?

John B said...

You can still park in the paved lot. Just stay off the fields.

"Paying clients" have allegedly complained to the Rec dept. I'm guessing soccer groups, but who knows.