Sunday, September 03, 2006

Holes 16-18 Tentatively Layed Out

Steve and I wandered through the woods Saturday morning and tentatively layed out the final three holes. Hole sixteen will be a downhill chuck that will require some control since the basket will be toward the right after a pretty quick dropoff. Hole 17 will be a shorter hole, but up a slight grade and over a small ravine into the base of a 30-40 ft ledge. If we can drill through the rock ledge, the basket will go on top, making deuces hard to come by. If we can't install the basket in the rock, we'll put it at the base of the ledge wall, making it a deuceable and aceable hole. Hole 18 goes back down the hill and will be a fairly straight shot through the trees (a la Maple Hill 4) ending near the path back to the parking lot.

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