Friday, January 25, 2008

Ice Bowl prizes are here!

Here's a peek at what you're playing for next Saturday.

Besides a cash payout, first and second winners in each division will have their choice of a disc or long-sleeve shirt. Well, actually, the first place winner will have the choice -- second place will get the other of the two!

Plastic prizes are:
  • Pro: Pro Wraith
  • AM1: Pro Wraith
  • AM2: Roc full-color
  • Rec: Aviar full-color

So far no Pros have signed up, so the Wraith and shirt may turn into CTP prizes. I don't understand why very few non-locals have signed up. Maybe NEFAland has commitment issues! :)

So come on golfers! Join us for a day of fun and help out some hungry people while you're at it! I want to blow away the Devens Loaves and Fishes with our generosity!

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