Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday morning golf

Brian, my dog Smokey, and I hit the Hill this morning for 11 holes. It was beautiful out there, the snow was crusty, and we had a good time. Hole 16 wasn't bad at all, so all you worrywarts have nothing to fear.

If we don't get anymore snow this week, the course should play pretty well for the Ice Cube Open in two weeks.

Disc Golf Donnie, Joe, and I plan on being there tomorrow for the Social at 9:30. Join us for a pre-ICO round!

Brian gets ready on hole 3

He let's it rip!

Peering around a tree for his approach

Both of us end up sitting pretty

Smokey shows me what he thinks of my shot on 4

Brian finds himself behind another tree on 4

Clank! Off the top!

He has better luck on 9

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