Monday, January 21, 2008

Twenty-two degrees? No problem!

Six humans and one dog braved the chilly temps Sunday morning for a pretty competitive and tiring Social. Joining us regulars (Dave, Donnie, newbie Mike, and me) were Mike and Scott Connell. Nice to see you guys out here again!

Mike, Donnie, Dave, Smokey, Mike C., John, Scott C.

Dave and I held off a late push by Mike C and Donnie to win by two with a 50. Even though Scott and Mike brought up the rear, Mike showed why he is destined to become Devens' first teen disc golf wonderboy. The kid's got skills, money!

Although it was 22-degrees, sunny, and breezy, it wasn't that bad. Hiking through the snow definitely helped keep us warm.

Hopefully we'll see even more people out there next Sunday in preparation for the Ice Cube Open. Please let me know if you are going to play in the ICO. So far we've raised $100 for our charity!

Mike C puts on 2

Fresh from a heavy downpour, Scott gives it a go on 2.

Mike shows off his mad putting skills.

Donnie stares down his disc on 3. Can you see it?

Donnie goes up and over 4

Your left, left, left right left.... Off to tee 7

18 holes in the snow is tough, even if you have four legs!

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