Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We win! Well maybe not....

Sunday's challenge was a weird one. Some Maple Hill guys showed up late and there was talk of a forfeit, then not a forfeit, and then some of our guys left after round one leaving us without enough players, blah blah blah, so I think in the end we decided to count it as a real match. In that case, we lost.

Anyway, the first round was filled with some great competition. From what I hear, Hillfolk Donnie Discgolf made a great comeback bid against Maple Hiller Pete T but lost in a playoff (I think). Arty G and Andy G went up against Shaun L and Steve D from MH and both of those matches went into overtime. Unfortunately, some putts didn't fall for the good guys and MH took those matches, but Devens is definitely showing the league that we've got some skills.

The lone bright spot for us was Gags beating his ghost opponent (you go, boy!) and me beating Cuzz after 15 holes.

Round two was another story as people started to drag ass. It's pretty tiring playing the Hill on a nice Fall day, but add in a foot of snow and a few searches for lost discs and you get tired fast. We got spanked in doubles play.

Round 1
  • Dodge (MH) over Gallerani (D)
  • Borelli (D) over Cuzz (MH)
  • Gags (D) over ghost (MH)
  • LaForce (MH) over Arty (D)
  • Tolvanen (MH) over Donnie (D)
  • Hoey (MH) over Luke (D)
Round 2
  • Dodge (MH) over Gallerani (D)
  • LaForce/Cuzz (MH) over Borelli (D)
  • Hoey/Tolvanen (MH) over Luke/Gags (D)

Hole 9 Ace!
Congratulations to Shaun LaForce for aceing hole 9 during our doubles match! It was a beauty to watch. Shaun throws lefty but took the anhyzer route to the basket (he threw to the right of the trees in the middle and it curved in the basket). It just floated down the hill and crashed gently into the chains. It was awesome to see, even though it meant I lost that hole to him and Cuzz! Nice going Shaun!

That is the second ace on that hole this month, as well as the second-ever ace on that hole. Hole 9 is finally heating up! When I designed that hole, I was positive that it would be aced early and often. Nope.

March Challenge
Next up is team Burgess from Burgess Park down on the Cape on March 9. Many of us have not played this course, so we look forward to making the trip. We hope to maintain our perfect goose egg of a record against this top-rated team. :-)


DiscGolfDonnie said...

Thanks for the commentary and update. DonnieDiscGolf was up two with two to go and coughed up a lung choking on the last two then a playoff hole. He was last seen practicing on the hill by himself.

DiscGolfDonnie said...

tee boxes 1-9 are cleansed. hope to see a turnout for the first in march local dubz comp :-)

JoBo said...

Thanks for clearing the boxes, Donnie.

Don't think I'll be coming this week. I'm trying to heal a tweaked back muscle from last week and plus, I've had enough of playing in the snow!